Sandals Resort Ruined My Wedding

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Sandals Resort Ruined My Wedding
Posted: Sep 2, 2010 11:17 PM

I have listed the top 20 ways in which Sandals Resort Ruined my wedding:
1) We qualified for the Group Wedding Moon Package because we had 20 guests to attend our wedding. We did not receive the free thirty minute wedding cocktail reception as contractually promised which consisted of champagne and horsí div hors.
2) The wedding coordinator allowed the 3pm wedding to wait out the rain and take our 4pm wedding time slot. I know this for a fact because we had a beachfront room which allowed us to see every beach wedding. I sat in my room in my dress waiting for over 3 hours; it was almost dark when my wedding started. To make this situation worse the wedding coordinator began to rush us through the entire wedding because of the darkness
3) My husband and I specifically asked about rehearsal during our wedding consultation at the resort and we were told it was not necessary. Consequently we were all completely confused the day of the wedding. We did not know where walk on the beach.
4) Months before we arrived to Jamaica we made wedding plans through the wedding planner assistant. We were informed that we would meet with the actual wedding planner when we arrived at the Resort. My husband and I arrived four days before the wedding so we could complete any final wedding planning before our guest arrived. We requested to speak with the wedding coordinator for three days in a row. She finally had time to meet with use at 10am the day before our wedding. On the day of the meeting the wedding coordinator was 30 min late and she didnít have a clue of any of the plans we made months prior.
5) At 12pm the day before our wedding we were informed at that we were required to attend a two hour pre- marital counseling session with the Preacher at 5pm. We had to cancel the excursion we had planned with our Family and Friends. Also, we explained to our wedding coordinator that we had been through a three month pre-martial counseling class at our Church and attended a two day pre- marital class sponsored by the State of Texas. However we were still force to attend. Of course this also began 30 min late
6) We had an additional 5min wrap-up meeting schedule with the wedding coordinator after our 5pm meeting with the Preacher. Two seconds after this meeting began the wedding coordinator had to leave but she told us to wait in her office until she got back. She knew that we had a 7pm Rehearsal Dinner schedule because she made the reservation at the restaurant for us. We waited until 6:50 before we left. This caused us to be late to the rehearsal dinner and look horrible. It looked like we got dressed in 10min
7) The morning of our wedding I went back to speak to the wedding coordinator to wrap-up the final details we didnít the night before. At this point the wedding coordinator suggested that I move my wedding to 2:00pm because of the afternoon showers in Jamaica. This was very unprofessional to suggest that we modify the time of our wedding by two hours, the day of the wedding. A majority of our guest was away from the resort on excursion and there was no way to inform them of this change. Why didnít she make this suggestion during our consultation meeting, not the day of the wedding. I was relying on her as my coordinator to suggest these types of issues in a timely manner where action could have been taken.
8) Due to family tradition my husband and I strategically schedule our SPA appointments at different times so we would not see each other the day of the wedding. We made this request to the wedding coordinator months prior to arriving. This appointment also was not made and we had to accept whatever times that were available at the SPA.
9) As I walked down the isle I was furious because my entire wedding party of 20 was standing. My family and friends looked like spectators at my wedding and not my guest. Before the ceremony began my husband noticed that there were only four chairs available for our 20 guest. So, he was frantically trying to get chairs for everyone while the wedding coordinator argued that we didnít need them. Something as simple as adding chairs, Sandals could not accomplish that task. Chairs that they insured would be in place 30min before the wedding
10) My entrance was an important moment I lost due to the chaos going on as the wedding began. As I was entering my husband and family were still in the process of locating seats for everyone. Everyone was completely unaware that I was walking down the isle. The Minster had to inform everyone of my entrance.
11) Moreover, my husband and I spent days searching for our perfect wedding song. Sadly, this simple task was also not performed. A song was not played for my guest as they waited. The wrong song was played for the entrance of the maid-of-honor and bride. Furthermore, they did not play a song as we exited as husband and wife for the first time.
12) Additionally, during our consultation on Friday we informed the wedding coordinator and Preacher that we wanted to do a Sand Unity Ceremony. They both agreed to this addition to the ceremony. The Sand Unity Ceremony was also forgotten the day of our wedding and not performed.
13) It is a tradition in our family to save the top tier of your wedding cake to eat on your first wedding anniversary. Due to the fact that we planned on honeymooning in Jamaica another week after the wedding Sandals offered to have the cake packed and sent to my motherís room that night. My mother would bring the cake home and place it in the freezer for us. Consequently the cake was never delivered to her room as promised. So another family tradition was broken due to Sandals incompetence.
14) Sandals Wedding Moon Package includes breakfast in bed the morning after your wedding. The morning of our wedding we waited for over two hours and the breakfast never arrived.
15) Sandals Wedding Moon Package also includes a romantic dinner for the new bride and groom. Sandals forgot to schedule this dinner. My husband and I remembered this portion of the package and schedule the dinner the day after our wedding ourselves.
16) The DVD of our wedding was horrible. Every picture taken outside was dark, grainy and/or out of focus. Every picture taken inside was either orange, grainy and/or out of focus In addition to the picture and video being horrible they packed up there equipment and left before the ceremony/reception was over. Moreover, the photographer did not provide any direction. Unlike professional photographers we had to remind them of the variety wedding poses (bride & parents, wedding party, etc.) to capture. I was frustrated because Sandals clearly states that they only utilize professional photographers and videographers (photo experts from Kodak). This is why I entrusted Sandals in capturing my important day. Sandals provided the most unprofessional photographers and videographers I have ever met. I do not have any legible pictures or video footage of my wedding.
17) Sandals website advertises that the Royal Caribbean has a disco club but this advertisement is false. After 10:00 pm there was noting to do at the resort. They also removed the billiard balls from the billiard table and even dimmed the lights around the pool. My guests were completely board every night.
18) Moreover, we paid extra for Butler Service. A service we rarely used. The Butler never offered to unpack or package our luggage. Or did any of the things offered in the Butler Package. I asked the Butler to iron a shirt and they gave me a price list from the laundry room. Also, on my wedding day I order food through the Butler to avoid seeing my husband (family tradition) which arrived two hours latter.
19) We originally had our Honeymoon schedule at Sandals Whitehouse. Two months before the wedding I found out that the Whitehouse was being renovated from a co-worker. Sandals did not contact me to inform me of this Resort Closer; they just rebooked me for another week at Sandals Royal Caribbean where I was holding my wedding. Why would I want to stay two-weeks at the same resort? I actually contacted Sandals to express my dissatisfaction in modifying my vacation without notification. Sandals did not have any compassion and they did not care if I canceled my trip.
20) Furthermore, I would like to bring out the deceptive practices of the Reservation Department. The reservation department agreed that Sandals would accommodate every request I had. However, months later and a few non-refundable deposits later I found out that 80% of what the reservation deportment promised was a lie. During my initial booking I was told that I was placing a deposit on my room and wedding. Nevertheless, a few days later the wedding department called me for the wedding deposit. I was told that my deposit went towards insurance and not the wedding. I explained to them that I was told my deposit was going towards the wedding. Then I was told that Sandals is not liable for any promises or actions made by the reservation department.
Yes, I could continue to write all day about the mishaps that occurred at Sandals. My family and friends made a great financial sacrifice to attend our wedding. I sent this same complaint but in greater detail to Sandals. They responded by sending us a voucher for two free night stay. Who buys a plan ticket and stay in Jamaica for only two nights? My guest or I will no be returning customers of Sandals Resort.


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Re: Sandals Resort Ruined My Wedding
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