Where to go in NYC - recommendations?

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MrsHawitt2b Posts : 1 Registered: 6/2/10
Where to go in NYC - recommendations?
Posted: Jun 2, 2010 9:53 AM

Hi Everybody,

My name is Nicole, I live in England and am getting married in New York city next May. Things are coming along nicely but I do have one problem.

After the ceremony, we are going to a restaurant and providing an open bar for our 25 guests, all of which is sorted and within budget.

The problem arises in that we are only going to be in the restaurant until 9pm. After this time it would be nice for us and our guests to be able to go somewhere to let down our hair a little bit (I don't mean go crazy, just go someplace with some music and cocktails).
However in providing the open bar we have used up all our budget allocation for this part of the wedding, so would need to be able to go somewhere at little or no extra cost (I mean in terms of cover charge). There will be up to 27 adults so even an extra $10/head will add up. The numbers and wide age group also provide an additional problem:
So, where can that many people go in New York, dressed up to the nines (with one person wearing a wedding dress!!), that is suitable for a group of people aged between late 20's to early 60's and appropriate to the occasion?? We will be buying drinks, but don't really want a cover charge.

I realise I may be asking the impossible, but I'd be really grateful if any New Yorkers out there, or anyone who has had a similar dilemma, could help me out?!

Thanks x


feministbride Posts : 14 Registered: 2/27/10
Re: Where to go in NYC - recommendations?
Posted: Jun 3, 2010 9:27 PM Go to message in response to: MrsHawitt2b

A60 in soho. Its a great roof bar with no cover.


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