Buying a Wedding dress on Ebay?

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Bitty1990 Posts : 20 Registered: 3/28/10
Buying a Wedding dress on Ebay?
Posted: Apr 26, 2010 11:36 AM

There's a beautiful Red and White Mori Lee wedding dress that I would love to have, and I found it on Ebay, for only $156.00.... It almost seems like a rip-off, but they have excellent feedback. Has anyone ever tried this? I'm not sure I want to do that, but I also reallly want this dress. I do plan on going to a Mori Lee retailer, to see how much the dress is there. I don't have a lot of money to spend on the dress, so I need a cheap option.
Does anyone have any knowledge of buying wedding dresses on ebay? Thanks!


jbear Posts : 73 Registered: 9/18/06
Re: Buying a Wedding dress on Ebay?
Posted: Apr 27, 2010 12:45 AM Go to message in response to: Bitty1990

well... i wouldn't think it would be different than buying anything else on ebay. which is to say... it's a huge risk, but that doesn't mean it will end badly. it's hard because every single person on there is different, and you have no idea what you're going to get.

however, i have bought a ton of stuff on ebay. and most of the time it has worked out really well. the one time that it didn't, it was a huge pain to get my money back, but i eventually did. that is where using paypal to pay totally helped me. i got a phone that didn't work when it arrived, and the seller didn't want to take it back and had obviously lied about it working to begin with. so, i started a "dispute" with paypal, which means that they decide who is right and when they decided i was right i got my money back.

but that sort of guarantee really only helps if you get the dress and it's not how they described, or it's dirty or torn or ruined or not the right size or something.

ideally, you would try to find the same dress in person so you can see what it looks like, since if they misrepresent it you can probably get your money back, but if you just plain don't like it, you're going to be screwed.

on another note... if you really love it, you might want to just risk it for that price. i bought my first dress off of craigslist for $400. i didn't like it as much as i thought when it arrived, but couldn't return it. i re-sold it myself on a wedding dress site for free (it did take awhile though) and i got all of my money back. so... you could possibly resell it yourself if you don't like it.


VšnTillBruden Posts : 353 Registered: 1/16/10
Re: Buying a Wedding dress on Ebay?
Posted: Apr 27, 2010 4:50 AM Go to message in response to: Bitty1990

For $156, with good seller/customer reviews? I'd bite the bullet and give it a shot. But, first, I'd go to that bridal boutique and try the real dress on, and make sure I like it. Then, order it, making sure to read all the details the poster has given, and saving/Screen Capping the page (saving the description just as it is, so if there is a dispute later on about the seller misrepresenting the product, you have their exact description at the ready. Then sit back, and hope for the best.

The other poster is right about PayPal, it's a real Godsend in situations like this. They're very big advocates for buyers' rights. And even if you lose the disposition, and they deem you at fault, you can try to re-sell the dress online. I'm more than willing to bet another bride may want it, or a girl may need a last minute prom/homecoming/pageant dress.

I've bought several pieces of clothing off of eBay, including two formal gowns. I've never had an issue. One was a vintage piece from the 1950's (you would be so surprised at how many people fudge those descriptions to sell a piece - there can be a LOT wrong with older dresses!), the other was a "knock off" dress like yours, and it turned out to be amazing quality. I paid about $80 dollars for a dress that would have cost me $300 in store. I did the same as you did: checked out the reviews, looked at websites, double checked that these people seemed legitimate.

Let us know how it ends up turning out! It'd be a great read for other women looking to buy wedding dresses online!

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CALIFORNIABRIDE... Posts : 2 Registered: 8/30/09
Re: Buying a Wedding dress on Ebay?
Posted: Apr 27, 2010 10:35 PM Go to message in response to: Bitty1990

I actually DID buy my wedding dress on Ebay. I was freaked out at first because I didn't know exactly what I'd get but from the pictures I was getting a dress for $170 that looked like it cost a couple thousand. So I bit the bullet and bought it. Mine was custome made to my measurments so it took about two months to get. I am so glad I bought my dress! It's amazing how much work they put into my dress. The beading. The weight. The fabric Everything. My family and friends can't believe I spent under $200 for my dress.


Lazyzoey Posts : 8 Registered: 3/16/10
Re: Buying a Wedding dress on Ebay?
Posted: Apr 28, 2010 11:34 PM Go to message in response to: Bitty1990

Although it's huge risk to buy sth from ebay, but before making you decision, try to figure out if their factory locates in China.

As I am working in this field, If you dress is a ball gown, maybe you can consider not buy it from ebay, as ball gown really cost much, so with this price, you really will get nothing good...but if your dress is some shimple or chiffon fabric, maybe you can have a try, but do take a good communicate with them, try not make alteration after you get the dress, as commonly the alteration will cost 50-100dollar...

Good luck :-)

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