House of Brides-DO NOT USE THEM

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britcali Posts : 2 Registered: 6/19/09
House of Brides-DO NOT USE THEM
Posted: Apr 16, 2010 10:42 AM

Just a word of warning to my fellow brides. I ordered two of my bridesmaids dresses from House of Brides website. Both dresses I had issues with that I had to contact them about.
I have to say, that their customer service is the WORST I have ever encountered in my life. You try to call, stay on hold for 30 minutes, when someone picks up, you get cut off. This went on for about 4 days at one point. I tried using their online chat, when I get through to someone, they got disconnected from me. When I finally call someone on the phone to complain that one of the dresses I received is 2 sizes bigger than what I ordered, they wont put a supervisor on the phone, company policy states that they dont talk to us directly, only email.

The dress I ordered, was a size 10, when it shows up, label says size 10, measurements are a 14. When I speak to someone on the phone, they advise me that I need to go to a seamstress to verify this, then PAY to send it back to them. Then, their seamstress will check the size herself, and then, if they think I am write, will adjust the size for me. If not, then I have to pay for shipping again. Now, my wedding is 2 weeks away and I have already got another dress for my bridesmaid, as my dealings with HOUSE OF BRIDES up til now, have frustrated me so much, I didnt want this stress last minute. I asked for a refund, as there has been a mistake, this dress was not the size I ordered. We dont do refunds Im told.

Im sorry, but any other company would have been more helpful, or even given me my money back for the inconvenience they caused. The CHECK the item before they ship it to me. So it IS their fault.
I just wanted to make everyone out there aware, DO NOY BUY FROM HOUSE OF BRIDES, unless you are happy with very unhelpful people, shabby customer service and poor quality dresses.


AtlantaMeetsMem... Posts : 3 Registered: 12/18/09
Re: House of Brides-DO NOT USE THEM
Posted: Apr 22, 2010 5:18 PM Go to message in response to: britcali

You are sooo right!

BUYERS BEWARE!! FOR ALL BRIDES OUT THERE, LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE AS WELL AND DON'T ORDER FROM HOUSE OF BRIDES!!! I have never experienced such bad customer service in my entire life! I am getting married in less than 2 weeks (May 2nd) and I still haven't received my flowergirl's dress that I paid over $200 for! When I ordered online it stated that I would have it within 6 weeks, which meant it should have been here beginning of April (even the customer service rep I just spoke to confirms this information)! And here it is over 8 weeks later and I still don't have my dress! I've been calling for over 2 weeks now and keep getting the run-around telling me to call back within a couple of days to check status! Today I spoke to a 6th rep named Monica and she informed me that she would be sure to tell her manager to give me a call in the morning, even though she's not even scheduled to work tomorrow! When I ask for the manager's name so that I can call to follow-up with her in the morning, she advises she's not allowed to give out that information! Have you ever heard of something so ridiculous? I told her that I wanted a prompt refund of my money, b/c they are false advertising and lying to their customers! How can they do something like this to a bride right before her wedding day? I can't sleep at nights because of this. I have no choice but to spend more money I don't have on another dress. This company should be ashamed of themselves!....Don't become a victim like me. Do your homework first. Wish I read a few of these reviews first before placing my order. There are 2 recently engaged women in my family and they are staying FAR AWAY FROM HOUSE OF BRIDES!!
"Believing is half the battle! Your mind can sometimes be your biggest obstacle!" - Future Mrs. Cowart


lucksweetgirl Posts : 2 Registered: 4/22/10
Re: House of Brides-DO NOT USE THEM
Posted: Apr 23, 2010 3:57 AM Go to message in response to: britcali

I am really sorry to hear that. But last month, my elder sister purchase a maid dress from china whole supplier.
It is really trustworthy and good service company. I just say that
because there are something wrong with the shipping, the company can't
deliver that order to my sister on time. One day, the company manager
phoned my sister they really apologize for inconvenience and
will pay the shipping charge by them. Maybe, you can hang out this online store.
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