groom and groomsmen

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Stangirl1999 Posts : 12 Registered: 8/9/07
groom and groomsmen
Posted: Mar 21, 2010 9:54 PM

We are having a casual dress wedding with a little country western theme. I'm having hard time with the colors the groomsmen and the groom will wear for the vests.

My colors are soft pink and brown. My bridesmaids dresses are the same colors. The groomsmens are wearing ivory shirts (my dress is ivory) and they will wear blue jeans and I was wanting them to wear brown vests. (still undecided if they should wear regular ties or the western string tie). The groom should stand out I guess, so we got him a brown western style jacket (no jackets for the GM's) I was going to have my groom wear the ivory shirt with a pink vest, but he is really not into wearing pink. So I thought he could wear the brown vest (maybe a little darker than the jacket) but that maybe too much brown. And then I thought of a black vest. Would this be ok? Brown with black? Open to any thoughts or pics.


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VšnTillBruden Posts : 353 Registered: 1/16/10
Re: groom and groomsmen
Posted: Mar 22, 2010 8:00 AM Go to message in response to: Stangirl1999

I think if you put the groomsmen in brown vests with ivory shirts, and FH in a brown blazer/suit jacket, ivory shirt with no vest, that would be perfect. Then the colors all still coordinate, and FH stands out. If your FH is insisting on having a vest, I think the brown jacket with the brown vest would be fine. The ivory shirt will make a good contrast, it won't look too drastic.

Oh, and if I may make a suggestion about ties? I like these:

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MirraUnwin Posts : 33 Registered: 7/20/09
Re: groom and groomsmen
Posted: Mar 23, 2010 8:26 AM Go to message in response to: Stangirl1999

That tie looks great! Not to mention the whole ensemble. Yes, you can do black and brown together. I'd like to recommend an ivory boutonniere for your groomsman and soft pink flowers for the groomsmen. Whether or not you decide to use a black vest for your FH and brown for the groomsmen, you could always decipher the difference with the flower color as well. I kind of like the idea of the groom having black and an ivory boutonniere. It will definitely give him the 'groom' feel. I hope that helps.


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