Airplane Hangar Wedding

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MrsWatkins2011 Posts : 2 Registered: 3/9/10
Airplane Hangar Wedding
Posted: Mar 9, 2010 10:14 AM

We are having our ceremony and reception in a 26,000 sq ft airplane hangar with 3 planes inside the hangar. The venue is providing uplighting on the planes and drapery to hide the equipment and tools at a very reasonable cost, but I don't know what else to do as far as decorating this massive space. It's not in the budget to hire a professional lighting guy. We want an ambient look and feel. Hanging things from the ceiling is not an option. I would really love ideas anyone has to offer! Thank you!!


auntofthebride Posts : 9,354 Registered: 4/2/06
Re: Airplane Hangar Wedding
Posted: Mar 9, 2010 10:22 AM Go to message in response to: MrsWatkins2011

Dear Mrs W,

You mean you want to "disguise" the fact that you are inside an airplane hangar? Other than pitching a tent and conducting the wedding inside the tent, I can't imagine how you could much change the ambiance.

I would just bring in some potted plants and use those to define the actual space for the wedding.


MrsWatkins2011 Posts : 2 Registered: 3/9/10
Re: Airplane Hangar Wedding
Posted: Mar 9, 2010 11:02 AM Go to message in response to: auntofthebride

Dear Aunt of the Bride,

We're not looking to disguise the fact that we're in a hangar, we're just trying to accomplish an ambient look and feel while filling some of the empty space that tables, dance floor and buffet won't be taking up.


poohunne Posts : 17 Registered: 1/28/10
Re: Airplane Hangar Wedding
Posted: Mar 9, 2010 11:10 AM Go to message in response to: MrsWatkins2011

Sounds like an interesting venue. Potted plants would be great at the edges of your "party area."
That would be a soft border and some color.

Here are just a couple things that ran through my mind:

1 - Do you know anyone handy enough to make some standing posts? A set of 4x4 wooden posts with proper support would do nicely to define the corners or sides of your party area. From these posts, you could hang anything. Garden lights could be strung on all four sides, or just on either side to mimic runway lights. You could hang a long cord and string up paper lanterns. Attach metal plant hangars to the posts and put up electric lanterns for a rustic feel.

2 - Can you get your hands on a parachute? Not the kind they use in gym classes, but a real parachute? One that you could put up using those support posts I mentioned in #1? It would be a more themed canopy, but would soften lighting from above and difuse it over your party, making it more cozy.

3 - You can rent or buy small "uplights" from a number of vendors. In fact, you can buy almost any kind of event lighting you want. Here's a nice place to look at ideas:
I think you'll find some creative ideas for getting that ambient "glow" you want.

4 - Play with the hangar and airplanes as a theme. Have your place cards feature old Airline emblems (TWA, PanAM, United, Air Canada, Air France, etc.). You can easily find these online and print your own, or transfer to sticker sheets (Avery has a template). Use exotic or world-wide destinations in place of Table Numbers. You and your FH can make a list of the top places in the world you'd like to go, then use them as the table names - Rome, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, etc. Use model airplanes as centerpieces. You can buy die-cast models anywhere. Or if your FH is into plastic models, he and his buddies can take a weekend and put together a bunch of them for you. In addition to the potted plants, borrow some old suitcases or steamer trunks from relatives and use them around the perimeter - it'll give you a vintage traveller feel.

I wish you the best of luck! I think you could really enjoy this venue.



soontobemrsw Posts : 1 Registered: 8/29/11
Re: Airplane Hangar Wedding
Posted: Aug 29, 2011 12:49 AM Go to message in response to: MrsWatkins2011

We are looking for an airplane hanger for our reception! We happen to know great lighting guys, and I know thats not in your budget, but maybe check with local churches or high schools who have theater groups... Often, they'll rent you the equipment for cheap, or just a damage deposit. It really sets the tone in something industrial like that. Also, poster sized images of the two of you (mounted to stand alone) would be fabulous borders... At least, that's our plan! Good luck!


wzq103 Posts : 1,190 Registered: 9/11/12
Re: Airplane Hangar Wedding
Posted: Sep 13, 2012 3:25 PM Go to message in response to: MrsWatkins2011

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