I Think I'm Being Too Greedy

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I Think I'm Being Too Greedy
Posted: May 23, 2005 8:41 PM

After reading "They Asked for WHAT?!?!", I looked over my registry to see if I thought I was too greedy. I remember my cousins baby shower, and how people reacted to her $200 stroller, and just freaked. I think that I might be asking for too much. I know part of my problem, though. I'm a pastry arts student, and have worked in restaurants all my life, so I am mostly registering for kitchen stuff, and I'm asking for the quality stuff, not the cheapest. Could someone look at my registry's and tell me what they think? They're at JCPenney and Target, and are under Amy Clausen and Rory Matthews (8/26/05).

My second question - half the guest list, and one bridal shower, is in Canada, where JCPenney and Target don't exist. (Walmart, Sears and BBB don't use the same bridal registry in both countries). Since many of the guests up there don't have the internet, and my FMIL has asked me to give her lists of what I have registered for, what do you think the easiest way would be to do this? Just copy each registry 20 times, or make an easy to read format in Word or Excel,? Or another idea?

Thanks for any help you can give. Smile


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