Here to help brides with Tight Budgets!

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Larisa1891 Posts : 1 Registered: 2/23/10
Re: Here to help brides with Tight Budgets!
Posted: Feb 23, 2010 3:57 AM Go to message in response to: SummerLilly

lol, I dream of 5k, I am paying for my entire wedding as we are getting married right as he gets out of school so he won't have much if any from a job yet and my family and his family are both bankrupt. So my budget is $500 or less. But here are some things we are doing to save on costs:

-Small guest list, family, and a few close friends...only about 30 people
-instead of real flowers we are making origami flowers, it's about $7 for 100 sheets of origami paper and it's hypo-allergenic
-we are both graphic designers and are making the invites together or if that doesn't work, take a picture of you and the groom holding a billboard with all the info written on it, put it in black and white, and tada!
-finding the dress on really low discount on ebay or even some professional sites can make for less than $100 on a dress
-we are buying our rings as 1-year anniversary presents, they mean more that way, and it lets us have time to save for nice rings (though we both have $10 wal-mart rings till then)
-making the reception relaxed, we don't have any formal dances (announced), and we are making a playlist ourselves and then playing from his ipod. The songs all mean something to us and are great for background noise.
-making our own cake! haha it'll be fun, and even more fun to destroy and eat
-renting his tux
-the bridesmaid and best man are paying for their own tux and dress
-using a free webs hosting site for our website, like
-a family member is taking candid shots for us, and we are going to take a couple of posed shots during the daylight before the wedding, all free
-hopefully we will still be able to afford some snack foods in bulk, like snack cheeses and a super sub cut up small from the local grocery store (i work there so i would get 10% off as well)


BrighterThanSun... Posts : 853 Registered: 10/17/08
Re: Here to help brides with Tight Budgets!
Posted: Feb 23, 2010 8:35 AM Go to message in response to: Larisa1891

That all sounds great except for one small thing--you do have to feed your guests more than just cake. I believe you said something along the lines of "I hope we can get more snack foods"--well, you really have to get more snack foods.

You should be providing some food that is more than a slice of cake--what if not everybody eat's cake? And even if they do eat cake--that's not very sufficient.

It doesn't have to be anything major--a veggie and meat tray or some fruit and cheese. That sliced jumbo sub sounds good.

You also need to provide some sort of beverage--alcohol is not necessary.


Cataj Posts : 4 Registered: 7/20/10
Re: Here to help brides with Tight Budgets!
Posted: Aug 11, 2010 12:34 PM Go to message in response to: BrighterThanSun...

I'm just wondering if any of you are in a west-coast metropolitan area? I'm seeing your budgets and it's saddening for me because I'm trying to get our lower and it's just doesn't seem very possible. I also noticed that none/few of you are factoring in the cost of the marriage license or the document fees (think DMV) associated with getting married.

Background info: We live in Las Vegas, NV and have about 100 guests coming (about 80% out of town). DF is from a rather large Jewish family and we're inviting just close relatives but problem is most of them are married or engaged. Since they're coming from out of town DF won't budge on feeding them.

Here's what my budget looks like:

Venue: $0

We're using his parents' community clubhouse

Clothing, Rings, Etc: $1000

Plus size dresses don't come cheap here

Marriage License & Document Fees: $120
Centerpieces: $40 Handmade with realtouch flowers
Party Favors: $50
Invitations, RSVP, STD & Postage: $150 Handmade
Tablecloth Rental: $100 for 10 table cloths
DJ: $500

The lowest I've been able to find anywhere, we don't have an iPod or speakers so that's out of the question

Catering: $4000 (40/person)

This one's a killer because almost everything out here has the word "gourmet" slapped on it and it triples the price. Can't find one that'll do taste testing cheaper than this.

Cash Bar: $600

Flowers: $200

Videography: $700

This is something I REALLY want, a friend with training is taking the pictures.

Cake: $400

Nothing special about this cake besides it is in our color scheme. No one I know is a baker and I don't want to mess up our cake by attempting it myself.


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