Who to Invite - URGENT - Need advice!!!!

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Re: Who to Invite - URGENT - Need advice!!!!
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I was referring to Myra only with the term "bastard child." To be quite honest, the half sister is no longer a child. She is 19 and a cold hearted brat (if you would like me to get technical). I know that she had nothing to do with her fathers irresponsible decisions but she alienates herself from her brother and myself. We try to reach out to her but she refuses. I have no hatred towards her at all for what happened, it's none of my business and wasn't her fault. I am sorry that you took offense to the term used but it wasn't intended for anyone but Myra.

As MrsM stated, my engagement to my boyfriend has been broken off. We simply decided that right now, it is too stressful (because of the rivaling families) and we are simply not ready. I am not the kind of girl who wants to wear an engagement ring for 3+ years with no plan. I'd rather use those 3+ years to save and work on a healthy relationship with my BF rather than allow the stress of moving out and planning for a wedding ruin what we have. But it doesn't mean that my BF and I wont wonder about the situation I presented on this thread. In 2-3 years, the situation will still be the same and the advice that was given will stick with me.

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