Excited and lost! Please help!

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SanaChan Posts : 47 Registered: 1/2/08
Excited and lost! Please help!
Posted: Jan 22, 2010 1:18 PM

Hello everyone!

I just got engaged about a week ago (on the 13th), and I'm pretty lost!

finance and I haven't decided whether or not to have the wedding this
summer or next. Or what city to have it in. Right now, we're both
working, plus I'm volunteering until mid February. He works on the road
and has odd hours. This hasn't left us a lot of time to talk about
wedding stuff yet. We're planning on going to school in the fall, so if
we had it next year, we'd have to plan between university, working and
homework. We're planning on moving to Vancouver in the fall, and we
currently live in Winnipeg.

I've lived here in Winnipeg my
entire life, and he's lived all over the place. Most of my family lives
here in Winnipeg, whereas his family is spread out. But, if we were to
have the wedding next summer, it would be very hard to plan to have the
wedding here. Also, he loves Vancouver! It's absolutely beautiful,
whereas Manitoba is a "dark dank hole" in his opinion.

I don't want to get all bridezilla on him either, and really want him to be happy with the wedding.

also don't know what we want to do as far as budget goes. I have no
idea if, or how much our families might contribute to the wedding. I
have a very large family (I have 11 siblings!) so I can't really expect
much from my family, and it's not fair to have his family foot the bill.

not too concerned about things booking up already for this summer
though, as neither of us are opposed to having a wedding during the
week if we can get what we want and save a lot of money.

Thanks for any help and insight on my situation!

(This is cross posted to a local forum as well)
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Rylan Posts : 23 Registered: 1/12/09
Re: Excited and lost! Please help!
Posted: Feb 5, 2010 12:49 AM Go to message in response to: SanaChan

Congratulations on your engagement! It sounds like the two of you have a lot of planning and decisions ahead of you. I cannot say what you should do; that is really a decision that the two of you (and to some extent, your families) will need to make. However, I will say that it is much easier to plan a wedding that will take place in (or very near) the town you spend most of your time. I was only an hour's drive away, but even that distance definitely made things a bit more complicated.

As for budgets, start by deciding how large and how formal of a wedding you want. If you will be serving a meal, the number of people that will be attending is the primary factor in the total cost of the wedding. Analyze the costs (there are some great tools online to help with this), decide on your budget, and stick to it. Be wary of the claims of the "average" cost of a wedding. I'm not sure how these numbers are computed, but I am pretty certain these "averages" are not including many of the simple weddings that have little interfacing with the wedding industry. One of my friends had a wedding that cost less than $50, but most of the weddings I have attended have run around $7,000 or less. (Then again, we've all heard of weddings that have cost over $100,000.)

That being said, these decisions are all things that you and your fiance you should discuss and decide together. Best of luck to the both of you!




SanaChan Posts : 47 Registered: 1/2/08
Re: Excited and lost! Please help!
Posted: Feb 5, 2010 12:52 AM Go to message in response to: Rylan

Thanks! I think we've decided to go with Vancouver just to make thing easier. And we also found a photographer who's local and can travel! (The costs will actually be cheaper it seems to do this as she's friends with a very close friend of the family.)
"Those who want to relive their youth, are probably too old to remember it."


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