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TiffaniBuchholz Posts : 1 Registered: 10/10/09
Posted: Oct 10, 2009 6:50 PM

Hello all!! My name is Tiffani and i am getting married June 26, 2010 in Angola Indiana. Our wedding is going to be at our campground which is on crooked lake.. its a nice little set up there... they have this separate peninsula from the the camp ground where the ceremony will be held. Then there is a 4-H club that sits kind of on this hill that has trees surrounding the property but it still kind of over looks the water. Next thing.. I love colors (there fore im having trouble sticking to certain colors) & i love vintage. my dress and engagement ring are vintage looking. And we as many others are limited on funds. Well here comes the dilemma... My fiance wants tanish suits probably wont wear the coats though. Well i think the most effective way to go with this is like a rustic/romantic/picnic theme i just dont know what to use!! i just can't organize my thoughts.. im like a kid in a candy store every thing i see i like... but if any body has any ideas of decorations just please let me know!! im desperate. lol THANKS!!
oh i forgot to mention i have mason jars i would like to use to save on some cost.
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hill3944 Posts : 3 Registered: 10/22/09
Posted: Nov 2, 2009 4:56 PM Go to message in response to: TiffaniBuchholz

I've seen a lot of outdoor wedding that stick to a wood/white/ivory/green theme that is very gardeny/outdoors. The mason jars could be used as centerpieces with this type of theme and I think its very classic looking. I've read about people using packets of wild flower seeds as both place cards and favors for the guests.
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FutureMrsBabler Posts : 104 Registered: 5/18/09
Posted: Nov 2, 2009 5:19 PM Go to message in response to: TiffaniBuchholz

First off, congratulations! I felt the same way as you did when I first started planning - but you will figure things out easily enough! Just look through as many magazines and 'real weddings' on websites as you can, and you will definitely get ideas of what you really want to use for your wedding.

We actually have quite a bit in common - my wedding is the same weekend as yours' and we are also having a rustic/picnic feel to our reception. We are also using mason jars! Our centerpieces are going to be rather simple - flower arrangements from the farmer's market put in mason jars, maybe with a little bow on them or something. We are also using them in the parking area and entrance to make a little path by hanging them from shephard hooks and putting flowers in them.

We were thinking about doing tan suits for a while, too... but decided on charcoal instead. I am buying FH his suit as a wedding present, and then we are simply going to get matching pants for the groomsman, and then just have them wear a light colored dress shirt and tie - all matching. We figure it will cost just as much as it will to rent suits, and this way they will at least get to keep them. You could easily do the same with the tan suits! Get your FH (or rent) and get pants and shirts to match for the groomsmen!

Good luck picking your colors, too! I am super indecisive about everything, but was surprised how easy it was once I found a couple colors I knew I wanted to incorporate. Ours are steel blue (color of the BM dresses), canary yellow (lots of accents, including flowers), ivory (my dress) and charcoal (suits). We are also going to add a little green here and there, since it's already kind of in the color family and it will hopefully balance everything so it's not super matchy-matchy. I would simply think of what your favorite colors are and use one of them and then find an accent color you love with it... and go from there! Good luck! :)

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weddingspinster Posts : 20 Registered: 3/12/09
Posted: Dec 11, 2009 2:33 PM Go to message in response to: TiffaniBuchholz

Yes, first, congratulations! It sounds like you're going to have a lovely setting for your wedding. When I read your post, I immediately thought of the weddings I've seen in COUNTRY LIVING magazine. So I went online and typed "country wedding" into the magazine's search field.

If you do that, a list of articles that have appeared in their magazine will come up. The ones that I thought would be most useful to you are:
"Outdoor Wedding: Storybook Nuptials"
"I Do, Alfresco"
"Rural New York Wedding"

Also, at the bottom of that list of magazine articles, if you click on "Outdoor Party Ideas and Themes for Summer" it brings up a bunch of additional pages to choose from, and you might want to click on "Vineyard Vows," "Summer Table Settings," and "Spring Table Settings."

Good luck, and I hope you have fun while you're planning this!


Hope23 Posts : 13 Registered: 12/10/09
Posted: Dec 11, 2009 5:19 PM Go to message in response to: TiffaniBuchholz

Wow your setting sounds absolutely romantic!

I have a couple of suggestions for palette colors if you like. Soft colors work really well outside, try a nice robin's egg blue with a soft green and pale yellow. Or a pale pink with a nice orange and pretty cream color. You have endless options but try to use colors that compliment your surroundings. Ultimately the choice is yours. Do you prefer bright colors or pastels? Any colors that inspire you in particular?

Using the mason jars for centre pieces are a good idea, but to be different, why not use them for as favors for your guests? You could make a favorite jam and fill them up and decorate the jars to suit your theme, or layer dry ingredients for a favorite cookie recipie in the jars with a tag stating what wet ingredients to add and instructions for baking!

As for any other decorations I would be using some tool or ribbon with some small flowers on backs of chairs or whatever! Use your imagination!

Hope I gave you some helpful ideas! Good luck.


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