honeymoon in August?

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starlightdc Posts : 12 Registered: 10/15/09
honeymoon in August?
Posted: Dec 3, 2009 6:00 PM

was wondering if anyone can suggest some honeymoon places that might be nice in august. i feel like the normal/cheaper/easier places - like caribbean and mexico - will be unbearably hot and humid during that time of year. and that august tends to be the "rainy season." not sure if its worth going farther/more exotic like hawaii, thailand, maldives etc because it might be similar weather in those places in which case, might as well stay close. where would you recommend going in august? or if anyone has taken a vacation to any of these locations in august, how was it?


auntofthebride Posts : 9,354 Registered: 4/2/06
Re: honeymoon in August?
Posted: Dec 4, 2009 10:42 AM Go to message in response to: starlightdc

Dear Starlight,

How does Alaska grab you? August would be a GREAT time to go north!


BrighterThanSun... Posts : 853 Registered: 10/17/08
Re: honeymoon in August?
Posted: Dec 4, 2009 11:58 AM Go to message in response to: starlightdc

I'm not sure of what kind of honeymoon you are looking for. I haven't been to any of those locations in August but I have been to some beautiful places that time of year.

Lakeside Honeymoon

Muskoka--I'm not sure if there are many places more beautiful than Muskoka. It is cottage country in Ontario and is filled some great lakeside resorts. I work at a resort in the summer (a family one, so maybe not what you are looking for) and we have hosted many weddings that are always so beautiful. The bride and groom sometimes stay on afterwards for a few days in the off season to enjoy what Muskoka has to offer. There are a lot of great resorts for couples in the area. It's a pretty rustic area but with some classier places (Deerhurst Resort) which will allow you to do the "typical" honeymoon activities such as spas, jacuzzis, etc. while allowing golf, hiking, boating, etc. I'm not sure about Deerhurst but a lot also have a small sandy beach.

Europe Honeymoon

Ireland--Why not take out a small cottage near a beach on the coast. You can climb mountains, go swimming in the ocean and take in great music at night at local pubs. I have spent weeks in Ireland and never get tired of it.

Paris-- How about honeymooning in the most romantic place in the world? There will definitely be something to do everyday. Can start of your day with freshmade croissants and lattes and then check out the museums, galleries, landmarks during the day--and wow, the shopping! The eiffel tower lights up at midnight and it's so beautiful. My family and I went once during the week and then on the last night of our stay we went at night. While we were in the elevator with lots of people, a man secretly showed us a ring box in his pocket. Two seconds after it lit up we heard her screaming of excitement. Very cute. We rode in the elevator back down with them and she was ecstatic and said that they needed to come here for their honeymoon--of course it now has personal history for them--but at the same time, I think everybody would have a great honeymoon there.

Barcelona: If you are still seeking that "beach honeymoon"--why not Barcelona? You still get the great history and night life of a gorgeous city while being able to seek beach luxury. There are great summerhouses available for rent along the beach or you could get a hotel room in the city and travel to the beach as you choose. The weather is gorgeous--hot but not too hot. I loved the food in Barcelona as well as the dancing!


pitdigger Posts : 37 Registered: 10/31/09
Re: honeymoon in August?
Posted: Dec 4, 2009 12:45 PM Go to message in response to: starlightdc

Well, I did a lot of travelling in Southeast Asia in the summer of '08 and can tell you a bit about the weather in a few places. And I've done a lot of other travelling as well. My question would be: what kind of honeymoon are you looking for? Do you just want to relax in a resort and maybe see things, or do you want to see lots of things and relax at the end of the day?

These are more oriented to the "seeing lots of stuff" because that's mine and my fiance's general MO.

We did Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines in July. That was occassionally miserable, but it's pretty good for afternoon swims (make sure your hotel has either AC or a pool) and making sure you get out to places early. Also, it's kind of strange people amount-wise.

We did China and another bit of Hong Kong in August, and that was still hot and humid, but not quite as bad as July (or maybe we were just used to it at that point). My big suggestion here is if you go to Hong Kong, stay on one of the outer islands and take the ferry to the Mainland and Kowloon. It's cheaper, quieter and the beaches there are really pretty and not all that crowded.

I can give you more information if any of those options are intriguing.

Europe: There's lots to do here and I strongly second any mentions of getting an apartment for a week. I'm going to recommend a couple of different places as opposed to just Italy, Paris, and Spain. Estonia is actually a really neat place, it can be a little trying to get to, but I think it's really neat. Tallinn (the medieval part) is nice, the food is good, and the weather is quite pleasant. There are a number of day trips you can take around including heading up to Helsinki on the ferry. Iceland is great in the summer: thermal spas, whale-watching, horseback riding and a fair bit of nightlife in Reykjavik. I'm also always a fan of Germany. There are any number of different things to do there: forests, cities, beaches, castles. Again, I can give you more information on different parts if you are interested.

Finally, I'm going to recommend, because I'm doing it: South Africa. It's winter there in August, so it isn't incredibly hot, but it also isn't cold. Animal viewing is pretty good because of the temperatures. The annual flower bloom is sometime around then as well. Additionally, it's either shoulder or low season and the World Cup will have ended, so prices will be back down but you'll still get to benefit from some of the new infrastructure built up for it.

Additionally, I second Alaska. Alaska is nice.

Sorry this rambles a bit, but I hope it helps. And like I said, if you want any more information, just let me know and I can elaborate.



LilTuffGirl Posts : 301 Registered: 11/4/08
Re: honeymoon in August?
Posted: Dec 4, 2009 8:51 PM Go to message in response to: starlightdc

We went on a cruise on sept 1st to Key West and Nassau (I wouldn't go there again if I had the choice... Nassau was horrible). Weather wasn't bad at all!! On the way back we hit a storm (last day) and I was crazy sick from the motion of the ship lol but otherwise it was a great time.(on the ship.. not so much at nassau)


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swichwang34 Posts : 657 Registered: 9/13/12
Re: honeymoon in August?
Posted: Sep 15, 2012 8:18 PM Go to message in response to: starlightdc

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Re: honeymoon in August?
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