Pics of Casablanca 1881

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Re: Pics of Casablanca 1881
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So I still maintain that you should stop by the Bridal Center in E.B., but be wary! They are a Jeckyl and Hide store. I was told by the owner something and when I returned it was negated by her. I know I didn't make up what my mother and I heard from her lips, but she took it back! The manager has poor communication skills and is very pushy. I almost made a huge mistake by ordering my dress there. After reading reviews online by other brides who dealt with this store im glad I walked out without handing my money to them! Another tidbit for my fellow brides, read the reviews of the store before purchasing! Evey store has a bad day, or a bad seed, but a store where the owner won't stick to her promises is dangerous territory when dealing with your wedding dress! I wound up getting peace of mind at Patrice's in Hazlet and paying more, but knowing I will have my dress be perfect on the big day!


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Re: Pics of Casablanca 1881
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