Beware of Barbados!

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mmohr Posts : 45 Registered: 1/2/08
Beware of Barbados!
Posted: Mar 30, 2008 1:47 AM

I just wanted to warn some of my fellow brides about my recent vacation to Barbados!

While my FH and I had a great time and got to relax for awhile, Barbados was not worth the money we spent. All together the trip was about $6,000 which may seem not that bad, but I would've much rather went to Florida for cheaper.

We stayed at Accra Beach Resort, which was supposed to be one of the best resorts on the Island. They first of all put us in a room with twin beds, which I immediately got changed. The room wasn't bad but if you opened the window you were right next to a condemned shanty with squatters! The service was supposed to be superb but all of the resort workers acted like they were doing us a favor by helping us at all.

The beach was nice but it was right next door to the public beach so there were a lot of professional beach bums...well..."bumming" around. haha.

The water and views were the one reason I didn't come home upset. The water was the most beautiful I've seen. Even better than Maui and everyone raves about that place.

In general Barbados isn't a place I would go to get pampered. The night my FH and I went to dinner for our BIG spend, the waitress rolled her eyes when he asked to see the wine list. It was SO ridiculous! 

I spoke to a lady who had lived in Barbados for 20 years and she said that that was just the way it was. She says she doesn't understand why a "tourist area" would always treat tourist so terrible.

We did get our engagement pictures taken while we were there by a great photographer: Photography by G. Garret is great and we love our photos. Beward of Joe Singh. He was our original photographer and was downright rude to me. Even made me cry! Garret came and saved the day in 15 minutes!

I just thought I would pass this along. I wouldn't have wanted that to be our honeymoon experience. This has made us decide to go on a cruise with Celebrity to Ancient Cities. My FH has sailed with Celebrity before and he says that if it was pampering and service I wanted, that's what I would get :). Good luck everyone!


Dinapantz Posts : 1 Registered: 10/14/09
Re: Beware of Barbados!
Posted: Oct 14, 2009 7:29 AM Go to message in response to: mmohr

OMG, if only I had seen your email before June 10, 2009 then most likely, I wouldn't have gone to Barbados and I definitely wouldn't have booked Joe Singh who at the time of our taking our photographs did a great job and was very amiable with us and our families BUT he did have a slight attitude when it came to my request for a certain shot with the lovely 18th century building at the Crane Hotel in the background but he didn't like that building and almost refused to take the shot. Okay, so he's the professional but at the end of the day, I'm the bride and it's our wedding day, so what we want and our considerations should be taken into account too OR is that too much to ask?

The only reason we actually chose Barbados is because we live and work abroad and this was our ONCE a year repat and we had only 3 months to plan our wedding. Barbados was the easiest of all the Caribbean locations to get married quickly and that's why it suited us but I totally agree their attitudes in Barbados and the service in 5* hotels such as the Crane Hotel where we stayed, which admittedly is beautiful but the check-in staff, our wedding planner in particular were absolutely terrible and really didn't give a damn.

Even our Minister chosen by the Crane was 45 minutes late for our ceremony and not for the first time I learnt afterwards (whilst the bride was on time believe it or not) and also completely unprepared. He didn't use our full names because he simply didn't know them and he said my name wrong 3 times during the service and was all over the place. We had to sign a 'blank' wedding certificate even though we had provided the Crane with all the details on the form they sent previously. When we did get our wedding certificate the had my father's occupation as an Accountant when he's an Electrician. How could they get that so wrong. Time was running out and it was pretty stressful, no thanks to the Crane.

When I came back to Saudi, I discovered another friend of mine had got married in Barbados and discovered the exact same thing regarding the wedding planner & the service. Whilst our wedding was still beautiful and it was a lovely day surrounded by the gorgeous ocean, beach and most importantly of all our families it certainly wasn't hassle free and if I could do it all over again, I would NOT choose the Crane Hotel, I would NOT choose Barbados and I would DEFINITELY NOT choose Joe Singh.

Joe Singh is arrogant, rude, totally inflexible and the problems we endured afterwards in trying to obtain our photographs.....I could keep typing for hours! So please brides let this be a clear not choose not get married in Barbados, do not choose the Crane to organize it although on a positive note it is a nice place to stay if you like nothing but peace & quiet, which we did.

Good luck to all you brides out there.


lifestyletraveler Posts : 3 Registered: 10/15/09
Re: Beware of Barbados!
Posted: Oct 15, 2009 11:37 PM Go to message in response to: mmohr

This is a somewhat personal opinion. First I would like to add I agree with you on alot of things you mentioned. I am saddened that you had such an experience. For $6000 you should have had alot more. Actually your hotel (Acra) is not worth that much. They are supposedly boasted one of the best but for someone that's lived there I think you should have stayed at a better resort. The attitude of the locals for a tourist country varies. What you experienced there is not a common thing. The locals have some attitudes I agree but having attitudes with tourists.....thats going overboard by their standards.

Barbados in my opinion is highly over priced and I try not to book people there unless I find an absolute deal or one of the best resorts. Don't plan to shop there unless you are rich and can afford it. COmpared to other islands its very nice but you pay heavily for it.Barbados boasts the best beaches in the caribbean. I have lived in 6 islands and can tell you I disagree somewhat with that.

Beware your agents booking you packages to Barbados. Agents tend to want to hike prices up because Barbados cariiers a rep. Please research what you are getting for your money. I started aiming my business towards honeymooners after I met a couple on a flight I was working as a flight attendant. They paid $15000 on a honeymoon to St. Martin. Having never traveled out the country before I had to show them where they over spent. The airfare and resort was almost $10000 and they pretty much squandered the rest on activities and shopping. All well and good. Where they stayed however was an extremely nice resort. Airfare to St. Martin as always is expensive but the package they had should not have gone past $6000 to include air+resort+food+ a few activities.

As your fellow honeymooner warned. BEWARE. I have been blessed to live in these places and traveled enough to know how much couples should be paying. Do some research on the places you plan to honeymoon at.

Happy Honeymooning.

Corwyn Patterson


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