Not exactly subtle?

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Not exactly subtle?
Posted: Oct 15, 2009 10:27 PM

So my boyfriend asked me to marry him when he was abroad this summer...I told him yes, on the condition that he gives me a proper proposal with a ring and such this fall or whenever. So we've been unoffically engaged, and have already talked with our parents and our pastor. We've been going through marriage counseling books and are going to Weekend to Remember next month. In addition, we wrote out a tight budget for the year to save up for everything.

Anyway, he's been super excited, apparently planning some 'amazing proposal' (he's quite the romantic). He's been taking it quite seriously, as he 'only gets to do it once' as he says.

However, my lovely bf is...slightly clueless lol! I showed him some rings I fell in love with online awhile ago, and he's been working and saving up for whichever one he liked best I guess.

Well, a week ago he came over and asked to check his email. I was cleaning and told him sure. I went to my room to pick up clothes and he told me I couldn't be in there with him! He said he had some things he had to do 'in private'. I'm like, 'ookayyy'. He shut the door and I could tell he was on the phone with someone. He -never- hides anything from me, so of course I assume he ordered my ring.

Then, this week his schedule's been crazy. So he told me he wanted to plan when we'll spend time together for the next few weeks. We agreed to meet up to go ice skating this Monday or Tuesday. Then he said next, "Oh, that works. But, the Tuesday after this I want to hang out with you at 6pm."

He's not exactly ever specific like that, and he acted all casual. Then we started talking about our budget for the year and he says, "You know the ring is included in the budget right? You'll have to wait awhile, you chose expensive rings and I have to save up!" As if, I picked rings I love from every price range just for his convenience. It was cute he tried to throw me off though.

I'm trying to act oblivious, but I'm getting excited. I'm 95% positive he's proposing on the 27th! Not sure what he has planned though, he def. has -not- given me hints on his ideas.

I just think it was funny and sweet at how sneaky he thinks he is. He wants to propose to me asap though so no matter what I know it's going to be by the beginning of November at the earliest

What do you ladies think? :)


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