What is your story???? FUN!!!!

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Re: What is your story???? FUN!!!!
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paralegal I also met FH in a bar after saying I would never. Most do only have 1 intention. Here's my story -

When I was 19, I left a guy that I was with for 3 years. It was the worst 3 years of my life. I was down to 92 lbs and completely depressed. I finally got up enough nerve to leave the a$$hole! When I left him, I had to learn to find myself again. I had to open up my trust and try to let people in, which was hard to do. Well, I decided to get a job as a bartender. What better way to open up? lol Anyways, I got a job at this bar that FH's mom also worked at. One night FH came in to play pool with his friend and after I got off of work, they asked me if I wanted to play pool with them. So I did. That night was basically it for both of us. The sparks were def. there, we both felt like we knew each other our whole lives, we both pretty much fell for each other right away. I wish I could say "and we lived happily ever after" ... but there was just one minor problem. FH was in a pretty serious relationship. I ended up becomming pretty good friends with FH's g/f and we all hung out and were pretty much inseperable. FH ended up setting me up with one of his friends, which didn't work out, but we all still hung out. Eventually, FH's g/f showed her true self to me (she was a crazy biotch who loved drama and was a compulsive liar) and I totally stopped hanging out with anyone who was apart of their "group." I went on with my life, dating here or there, nobody really amounting to much. FH's mom quit the bar I worked at and moved pretty far away. I was really close to her though so I kept in touch and would go and visit her every now and then to get away from all the b.s.

Anyway (as you can see I ramble) 2 years later I went to the bar where I worked at to have a few drinks and who comes walking through the door ... FH. He comes straight over to where I was sitting and starts talking to me. He tells me he's had feelings for me for years and blah blah blah. Well I was a little leary and really kind of shrugged it off. I didn't know that he and his g/f had broken up. He asked for my number, so I gave it to him. He called me that night and we ended up talking for like 3 hours. All of a sudden I get a phone call from his ex flipping out on me and telling me she's going to drive her car into a tree and all this crap because I was talking to FH. (see, total drama). Well, on my way to work I pass FH's house and who's vehicle is there ... the ex. So, I don't talk to FH again and go on with my life.

6 months later, FH comes to the bar again to find me and I just totally shrugged him off. I didn't talk to him at all. When he tried to talk to me I told him I didn't want to deal with the drama. His friend pulled me aside and told me that he and his ex had been broken up for a few months. FH asked if we could talk and pulled me aside and apologized to me for everything but said that he was just really scared that his ex was going to hurt herself and try something stupid and he didn't want to have to live with that for the rest of his life. I understood and thanked him for the apology. Every day after that he would call me or email me and beg me for a date, so I finally agreed. I tried my hardest not to let myself fall for him because I really didn't want to have anymore drama in my life, but I knew I wasn't going to be able to ignore the feelings that I had for him that were there since we first met. So, basically after the first date we became a couple like 2 months later, I moved in with him about a month after we got together and 3 years later he proposed! And now in 10 days we will be getting married!!!

We both still say that if he wasn't with his gf at the time that we would probably have gotten together shortly after meeting for the first time, that's how strong of a connection we had.

Sorry for the novel ... lol
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Re: What is your story???? FUN!!!!
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I love reading stories like these. My turn!

I'm kinda embarrassed to share my story since many people will tell me it's crossing the line and just plain wrong. But if that was the case then I wouldn't be marrying my fiance! To make a long story short I will just come out and say it: I'm going to marry my ex boyfriend's bestfriend. Ok this is how it happened:

Many moons ago when I was in high school lol I started to date my ex boyfriend. We dated for 3 years. During those 3 years we hung out with his bestfriend once in awhile. He was fun to hang out with. Really funny and nice. I had a good relationship with my ex boyfriend. He was my "first" so-to-speak. Well as the years went on we argued a lot and our personalites just clashed. We were always fighting. My parents and friends hated him! For some stupid (but thank goodness he did) reason he got an idea that I hang out with his bestfriend alone and that he hangs out with my girlfriend alone. No idea what got into his brain. But since we were having issues in our relaionship I agreed. Plus at the time I kinda developed a small crush on his bestfriend and I had a feeling that his bestfriend felt the same way about me. So with my ex boyfriend's approval I went to his bestfriend's house to chill (weird I know!). We had a good time. We talked and laughed and even cuddled! When it was time for me to leave I wanted to kiss him but I was afraid. So thankfully he asked me, "so no goodbye kiss?" I smiled and we kissed!!! We fell in love!

My ex boyfriend had a fit! Well it was HIS idea for pete's sake! To make a long story short I tried the relaionship with my ex boyfriend again for a couple months. It didn't work, mainly because I had his bestfriend stuck in my head. So we called it off. About 4 months later I started to date his bestfriend and the rest is history!! He proposed 5 years after dating! :)

In case you are alll wondering they still are friends. Till this day my ex comes over to visit my FH. We are all adults so we get along pretty well. It's just funny how life turns out at times.

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Re: What is your story???? FUN!!!!
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FutureMrsVelino that is an amazing story! Our stories have many similarities! Cheetah your story is unique! I think it is really cool how you guys can all still talk.

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Re: What is your story???? FUN!!!!
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In September 1984, I met my FH. We were sophomores in high school, attending a boarding school in England. And it was the first friday after school started.

My FH got on the bus and looked at me. He said "Tell me what I forgot or I'm going to steal your boot".....so I went through a list of things with him that he might have forgotten. After a while, he determined he had not forgotten anything. We sat together on the two-hour bus ride home, and talked the whole way. I thought he was the cutest guy ever.

Monday came, and we rode the bus back to school together, talking the whole way back. That afternoon, I went to his dorm and had him paged...and asked him on a date. He'll say I asked him to be my steady, but I don't remember that.

we dated on and off through high school. we were even engaged, but things happened and by graduation, we were not on speaking terms. It was a boarding school, and we are military BRATs, so when we left England, we did not live anywhere near each other.

In college, we tried getting back together, but the time was not right.

We lost touch, but then through emails for the reunion, we started talking a little again. He wanted to ask me for my contact, but was afraid (we'd had some issues). Then one day, I emailed him to apologize for my silence, but I'd been cast as Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors. His response absolutely floored me. He sent this email telling me how amazing I was going to be and how he was not at all surprised that I got the role. It made me wonder about him.

I read his myspace profile, and was even more shocked. I could see the blogs that he'd written...for a couple of years...and even though my name was not mentioned, I knew who he was talking about. I talked to a friend about whether I should ask him if he wanted to exchange numbers. She gave me a strong Hell to the Yes. So I sent him a message asking if he wanted to exchange numbers. He sent me his number.

I called him and the first thing he said was "I love you." That was September 2007

We talked, a lot, on the phone (including one scary $900 verizon phone bill because I thought if we BOTH had Verizon, we could talk as much as we wanted without any penalty, but he had not subscribed to that plan). And he decided he HAD to move out here. So in February 2008, he moved to Alabama from Vegas, and we spent our first valentines day together in over 20 years. In August 2008 he proposed.

And 25 years after we first met, we'll become husband and wife

We're high school sweethearts, reunited by myspace.



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Re: What is your story???? FUN!!!!
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My story...

It all started when my dad gave me this book to read. It was called Burning Chrome and it was a collection of short stories by an author named William Gibson.
The stories were amazing, all science fiction and cyberpunk and totally cool. I was 14 years old, and I'd never read anything like them. So with my dad's help, I collected the rest of the author's published work - Neuromancer, Mona Lisa Overdrive, Count Zero... I read them all.
At that time, I was in a long-distance relationship with my first love, my best friend. He's two years older than me, and a real sweetheart - although as it turns out, he was somewhat confused. As of today, he's been out of the closet for about 4 years and we're still great friends.
My romantic relationship with A ended when I was sixteen, and a year later my dad caved in and bought our family's first Internet-linked computer... and I found my favourite author's website!
Because yes, I was still reading my Gibson, and I'd discovered The Matrix, and also read many other sci-fi authors.
Through the main website, I found the discussion board. My first thread was asking for advice about some guy... which I am now totally embarrassed about. But hey, I was 17! no regrets.
Especially because that thread is my FH's first connection with me the first time he posted on the discussion board was in that very thread!
We crossed paths again a while later in a thread about hair - he posted a few photos, and my very first thought was "oh Wow he's adorable". I can still to this day remember that first glimpse and the butterflies in my stomach.
Being a 17-year-old girl, I posted that I thought he was cute. And then it started - we were flirting on the board, and talking over MSN, and emailing back and forth... All totally innocent, I mean, he lived in Hawaii, I was in Canada, nothing was going to happen, it was just good practice, right?
Anyway, we lost touch when I moved out of my parents' house for a few months, housesitting with a friend. I also dated a guy during that time - a real jerk, who told no one we were dating, hardly called, and basically just wanted to make out or talk about his ex all the time.
When I came back home, I got back online, and found my books, and once again started talking with soon-to-be FH. Nothing big, just "how you doing" emails and such.
And then in January 2008, a woman from the William Gibson discussion board who lives in Vancouver BC decided it was time we North American boardies got together. She organized a weekend meetup in Vancouver for March 2008, and we all started planning. Imagine my surprise when soon-to-be FH said he was coming?!
I emailed him as soon as I saw his "maybe" post, asking if he really thought he would, and we started emailing again. This time, there were daily emails from Hawaii to BC!
As it turned out, I was the person who met FH at the airport (another friend of ours missed his flight in Florida), and I have to admit that two hours after he landed in Vancouver, we were holding hands. We barely let go of each other that entire weekend, and when I left Vancouver that Sunday night, leaving him behind, I knew my heart was with him. We left it at "we're crazy, but I like you" that weekend, and as I drove the two hours home I decided that I wouldn't email him or call him first - I'd wait for him.
Well, I got home to an email, and the next night I got a phone call. And the next night, too... And every night after that for a month. On May 8, 2008, we realized we were dating.
In August 2008, he came back up north to see me for my birthday (August 12). I was turning 20. It was a great time - I showed him all around here where I live, and we spent time with my family.
In January 2009, soon-to-be FH gave my daddy a phone call, and they talked about our relationship. And a few weeks later, I went to Hawaii to celebrate his 26th birthday, and meet his family.
In April, we were talking one night about the future. That was the night we decided we were getting married. And on July 31st, he formally proposed, with the ring.
And I am so, so happy...

December 23, 2009 = No More Goodbyes


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Re: What is your story???? FUN!!!!
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I met my DH on Yahoo! Personals.

I had just came back from a huge convention weekend where I had spent the entire weekend partying away and I was already bored.

I decided to surf the Internet and ended up checking out Yahoo! Personals. I realized that you could talk to people online thru the website but you had to pay for it. I thought screw it..it's 2 days after my birthday, I'm going to pay the $20 bucks for 1 month and see what happens.

DH ended up being one of the guys who happened to be online. I imed him and couple others just wanting to chit-chat. We totally hit it off. We hung out online every single night for 4-5 hours..talking..playing pool, doodling, etc.

2 weeks later we exchanged phone numbers. I remember the first time he called me. I was so nervous. A week later on 9/19/04 we met face to face for the first time and I was so nervous I couldnt stop talking and he was so nervous he couldnt talk at all. It was pretty funny now that I think about it.

The first year was tough. We were 2 hours apart but we had so much fun together. We spent pretty much every weekend together.

1 year later, we moved in together. The following year he proposed and we got married almost a year ago on our 4 year anniversary.

It's funny how things work out. :D

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Re: What is your story???? FUN!!!!
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All of these stories are so interesting! Good thread, paralegal!

My story's pretty simple. FH and I met in 6th grade. We were only
eleven years old at the time, and if you had told us then that we would
be getting married somewhere down the line, we both would've been positive that you were absolutely insane.

We began dating during our senior year of high school, and he propsed
this past May after two and a half years together. Since we're both
still in college, we've decided to have a long engagement and
will be waiting to walk down the aisle until spring 2012, a full year
after we've both graduated. By the time we get married, we'll have
known one another for twelve years and will have been together for six

I moved in with FH shortly after the proposal. Despite living together,
we hardly ever see one another. We both go to school full-time and work
full-time, so our schedules are never the same. I spend more time with
our high-strung puppy named Lucky (he's in my default pic!) than I do
with FH! Nevertheless, we're enjoying our engagement, and I've already
started some preliminary planning for our wedding!

"Love doesn't make the world go 'round.
Love is what makes the ride worthwhile."


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Re: What is your story???? FUN!!!!
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It's always fun to have threads like these!!

Well, technically DH and I met when I was probably 8 and he was 6... we went to the same babysitters (who was actually our caterer at our wedding!!) for years and didn't realize this till years later when we were dating and the babysitter showed a picture of the two of us at a McDonalds birthday party she had thrown for her own son! haha

But we REALLY met in 2000, when he was starting his sophomore year of high school and I was starting my senior year. I was kind of seeing another guy who was leaving for college at the time. Well, DH and I worked at our local swimming pool, I was a lifeguard, he was a cashier. One day during break he came in and started chatting with me. Then out of the blue he said "You have nice boobs" WHAT?!?! haha Nice first line! But he was a nice guy so we talked often, we were in many school activities together and developed a nice friendship. My friends and I would spend time at his house, he would hang out with us. He would send me flowers and leave nice notes for me on my car. He even drove an hour to watch me swim in a swim meet while he was pretty sick and had a fever!! So after MONTHS of pursuing I finally gave in to a first date. But I still wasn't convinced after dinner and a movie that I wanted to date him. So after another month we went out on a date again and he asked me to be his girlfriend.

We dated for 11 months when he admitted to me he had feelings for another girl and didnt think it was right to be with me if he was feeling this way. So we split up for 5 months, it was the HARDEST 5 months ever!! But after I calmed down and my anger and hurt went away, I was glad that he did that. He never cheated, never even went out with the girl, but it was decent of him to admit that to me. And it made both of us realize that we really loved each other and wanted to be together. So we got back together July of 2002 and have been together ever since!

He proposed Christmas Eve 2007 ( My FAVORITE time of year!!) on my parent's front porch by putting a Christmas figurine for a Christmas village that I have in a Christmas bag on the porch. After we pull up after Christmas Eve church service I notice the bag and run up to see what's in it. Thinking it's a gift from my grandma I open it up quickly, but then notice the figurine is of a man proposing to a woman. When I FINALLY realize what's going on, I turn around to see DH down on his knee with a ring! I can't remember at ALL what he said, and neither can he! But I remember "make me happy...... will you marry me?" After I said yes we kissed and went in to be greeted by our families for a toast! It was WONDEFUL!

We got married May 16, 2009 and it was a GREAT day! Sorry this turned out to be so long, I have NOTHING else to do tonight! haha


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Re: What is your story???? FUN!!!!
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Brooke that is such a sweet story! That is so funny how you guys had the same babysitter and then she catered your wedding! Wow! SweetSurrender your story is amazing! I could never imagine marrying my crush from 6th grade. Now that I think about it we did date off and on into our 20's and have still stayed in contact with each other. But there is no way I could marry him!


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Re: What is your story???? FUN!!!!
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Oh all these stories are so sweet! Hope mine's just as interesting.

Well my FH is my ex best friend's ex. If that makes any sense. We met at a New Years Day party she was throwing and he, being her boyfriend at the time, obviously was there. So they kissed at midnight and I have to admit I was jealous. He's pretty freaking hot. So a while later she dumped him on his ass and I felt bad so I sent him a myspace message with my phone number, saying how I'm there for my friends... blah blah blah. He never called but we kept sending messages back and forth for 3 months just joking around and commenting eachother's pictures. I told him in a message that I HAD to see him and we were hanging out. He had no choice. So the next week we went to Burger King and then hung out with friends. Then a few days after that we hung out just the two of us at my aunt's house ( that's where I was living at the time). He was going in for surgery on his knuckle in 2 days and I was determined not to let him be surgerized a single man so I asked him out. He came out of surgery and a week later we saw a local band play their final show where we had our first awkward kiss. But it was cool. It still felt nice. And basically we've been awkwardly kissing ever since.
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Re: What is your story???? FUN!!!!
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ok so i just HAD to post when i read this thread. haha so here's the really story...

I had been on an off with an ex for about two years. we were in one of our off periods but remained friends. I moved into an apartment by myself in downtown SLC UT and invited him to my house warming party. while there he met my upstairs neighbor and they ended up getting together. I tried to be ok with it but it was really hard. he was really immature about it. he would walk past my door and yell things at me or knock and run off. so one night in the beginning of january it was really stormy outside and i was really mad at my ex so i decided to put a post on craigs list just to boost my self esteem, not thinking anything would come of it. I was horribly, brutally honest about myself and even put up really bad pictures of myself. haha. well a couple guys messaged me that didn't seem like complete losers. we exchanged numbers and started texting. I went on a date with on of them on friday and he ended up having some major issues getting over his ex. The next night i had another date but almost didn't go. (i HATE first dates!) anyways so we met in a coffee shop a couple blocks from my place called nostalgia. we both walked there (i also HATE driving in snow). I walked in from the snow outside and my glasses fogged up so i couldn't see. after awkwardly cleaning my glasses i found him sitting and waiting. We quickly started talking about or family back grounds, future plans, likes dislikes, etc. We were both obviously nervous. We didn't even order anything instead we decided to walk to a cute litte record shop nearby to look at art. We talked the whole way there then he took my to an adorable mediteranian restaraunt. from there we went back to his place ( i always said that was very stupid of me but it turned our ok) and watched stupid cartoons online then my friend picked us up and we went to a party. that night my friend was dropping us off, him first, and he gave me the most awkward, adorable kiss on the cheek that gave me butterflies so bad i new he was the one! we hung out a few more times, on january 12 became official, moved in together in march, got engaged on august 1st and will be married 10/10/10!

my parents wouldn't be too fond of the meeting online thing so we tell them we met in a coffee shop (half true!) :p
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Re: What is your story???? FUN!!!!
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Annarebeccal, that is such a sweet story, that is so funny what you tell your parents! And you are right, it is half true! Where did you get that postcard made announcing your engagement? It is adorable!

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Re: What is your story???? FUN!!!!
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my sister designed them, my best friend took the picture, and we just uploaded the designs unto vistaprint.com where we got them printed i ended up spending less than $30 total for 100 postcards!
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Re: What is your story???? FUN!!!!
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They are adorable!!! I need to get some made!


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Re: What is your story???? FUN!!!!
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