compleatly lost

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compleatly lost
Posted: Jun 14, 2009 11:27 PM

So basically i am engaged and have been for two months today!!yay me. lol. FH and i are in the military in Japan, and will not be returning to the US till Jan 2012!!!! But we are doing the 'court house' wedding here....but it is done in the japanese community, no vows no's a sign here...ok you are married.

About us:
I am the typer of person i love to plan things out so i know what is gogin on. I do like suprises, but for the most part i like a plan.And FH likes to take things as them come and when something does requitre a 'plan' ie-wedding, the he leaves it ALL up to me.

I am planning the wedding for Jan 27, 2013. We origanaly had the date for october 12, 2010. But to save ALOT of money with plane tickets we postponed it. The other night i was talking to FH about wedding plans. I told him about the January idea, and he didnt say much, But i know that he wants a winter wedding, i thought he would be so happy. Is it just a guy thing? or does he just not care because we will be already married? or is it beacuse he doesnt like the whole planning things?

I am getting kind of worried. When we get back we will have a year to i guess i should just calm down right? Or is it better to plan and know what i want now, so that when we get to the US we can plan it fast and painlessly.


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Re: compleatly lost
Posted: Jun 15, 2009 8:36 PM Go to message in response to: allisonfoster2B

If you're not planning this wedding/vow renewal until 2013, my advice is to CHILL OUT! Honey, that's four years away. OF COURSE he doesn't want to talk about it yet! Who knows what your lives will be like four years from now, or whether you'll still WANT to do it then?

Personally, I've been married a year. The very last thing in the world I'd want to do right now is plan a wedding. Especially one that isn't for another four years. I had a nice wedding, however, so maybe I have a bit of 'been there, done that' that you won't have, but honestly, after several years of marriage, a wedding would feel silly to me. But that's me.

Regardless, I wouldn't even think about it yet. It's really far out. Enjoy your time in Japan - you'll have plenty of time to plan your wedding (if you both still want to) when you return to the US.

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