BellyDancing - Loose weight and have fun!

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BellyDancing - Loose weight and have fun!
Posted: Feb 11, 2005 1:55 PM

Did you know that belly dancing was originally created to help women prepare for childbirth? The women in the middle east used belly dance to combine all their birthing excersizes into something they could do while cooking in the kitchen, or cleaning house! Smile

Belly dancing is a very intense workout that targets nearly every muscle in your mid and upper body. It also is extremely cariovascular and to me is much more intense than even step arobics. I got into belly dancing just recently with my good friend (who in an ironic twist of fate, just became pregnant! how perfect!) We got a video by Veena and Neena on intoduction to belly dance. I dont recomend their videos that are strictly cario or workout based, because they take away from the colorfull stuff in bellydance.

I find that if i turn on some middle eastern music (anything really works though) and go to do the dishes..i can do the simple bellydance moves while i'm cleaning, and the results are amazing. Everything in belly dance is about muscle control and isolations so in the end it tones your abs and upperbody muscles very well. I've lost quite a bit of weight already (in combination with eating alot of mediterranean foods which are also a GREAT way to lose weight..check out the Mediterranean diet!)

I know i may sound like a middle eastern nut, but In my travels to egypt i learned alot about their culture, and in that, i made alot of observations about their eating habits and excersize habits that have really helped me. It really is worth looking into! plus its a ton of fun and theres always the option of not showing your husband what you've learned untill honeymoon night Smile Not that i condone the fact that america has put a bit of a seductive stance on bellydancing...but hey...most guys wont think like that :P


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