bridal shower (no gifts on invite?!)

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bridal shower (no gifts on invite?!)
Posted: Jun 30, 2005 11:05 AM

Ok.. this is considering I really have a bridal shower or not. However.. if I do, that aside..

I come from a different upbringing than some. And I'm not one to like attention drawn to myself. So I've typically viewed the concept of bridal showers or baby showers as a bit greey when it comes to the gift giving.

Don't get me wrong, I think in MANY instances the gifts are more than needed. But hardly are there couples these days who aren't already settled. Unlike my parents who had barely two nickles to rub together, they needed the few starter items they received. My FH and I do not necessarily need need this all. (We've been in our home for over a year now)

Anyhow.. I know others may disagree, but its just what I'm comfortable with, no harm to those that don't share the same view point. Smile

Question at hand, is there a polite way to word on a bridal shower invite "no gifts necessary"?? Is this tacky? I just want people to know they're invited to come, play a few stupid games, have some cake and food and celebrate my pending wedding, dish about silly planning details and things like that! Not that people are invited to come splurge on me with gifts. (I've heard many people voice they felt they were invited simply to get a gift out of them, how sad!)
They get some free food and sweets, perhaps a parting token and I get the joy of their company.



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