opinions, please

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opinions, please
Posted: Jan 9, 2005 9:20 PM

Ok ladies, I really need some honest opinions here, because I’m being pulled all different directions by my family. I know what I want for the food for the reception (6pm wedding, in an orchard, june), but I’m being told it’s not substantial enough, not fancy enough, and blah, blah, blah, by everyone. My family is not in the country club, fancy hotel class. But, I wanted something more than the hamburger reception some people have suggested for me.
My budget for the entire wedding is $5000. To keep costs down, I have decided to use some of my fathers friends as caterers. My dad is the president of a local fire company, with a brand new firehouse, and has a great relationship with the officers of another firehouse, which is the closest to my reception site. Both firehouses often cater events for families in the district, and are very willing to do whatever the person paying wants. This is not a hillbilly type of catering, they are very good. I am envisioning the menu that I’ve put below. To keep costs down, my rehearsal dinner will be a “work” party, with all the food being prepped there (kabobs put together, appetizers prepped, dressings made, etc). The next day, all the food will be brought to the site by the waiters (who happen to be firemen). I’m hiring all the guys at a cost of $25 each for the day. They will wear their dress uniform, minus the jackets, hats and gloves. I’m having 6 waiters, and about 6 more to do the grilling, with one GREAT woman pulling it all together (of course, she is getting more than the guys). Also, the guys will set up the tables and chairs, and move the chairs from the ceremony to the reception (same location, move is about 100 yards). Other than half the guests knowing the waiters, I don’t see what is wrong with this plan.
The menu:
Salad of mesclun with radish rose, cherry tomatoes and apple cider vinaigrette
Entrée: (every person to have the same)
3 kabobs – beef with green pepper, onion and cherry tomato, marinated in Montreal Steak seasoning; chicken and ham with pineapple and cherry tomato, marinated in honey mustard; jumbo shrimp with broccoli, lemon and garlic, marinated in herbs; all on a bed of linquini, with asparagus spears.
Dessert: fruit kabob (apple, cherry, plum, peach) with mixed berry sauce and a caramel drizzle, and wedding cake
Drinks: champagne toast, wine service at dinner, beer, soda, lemonade, ice tea, coffee, tea
My questions are:
1) What do you think of the menu itself? Substantial, fancy, etc?
2) What about my idea for the catering? Too hillbilly, too crappy, etc?
3) Amy other opinions you might have
Thanks for all the help. Sorry this was so long, but I kinda needed to vent. I'm kinda frustrated about being told that what I want isn't what I should have. And i promise, no more long messages for awhile. LOL.


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