Anyone had a truly custom-made dress? Please advise!

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Anyone had a truly custom-made dress? Please advise!
Posted: Mar 31, 2009 1:22 AM

I am almost certain I am going to design my own wedding gown and already know the local designer who would make it for me. My mom has had her make several garments for her and her clients and is always really impressed with her work. What I want to know is any advice you girls can offer if you've gone the "custom route" for your wedding gown or BM dresses. I haven't approached her about it yet and don't want to go into it naive. How much did you girls pay for the "labor" part of making the dress or how was that charged? Was it a flat rate per dress or by the hour? How many fittings did you have? What type of fabric did you use? Would you do it again or would you have bought a brand-name gown? Is there anything you wish you would have known or anything particularly useful you learned throughout the process? See, I don't even know what types of questions to ask, so any advice that you can pass on to me would be really appreciated! I'm nervous about having a custom gown made but super excited about designing it!



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Re: Anyone had a truly custom-made dress? Please advise!
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Luckiest - My dress wasn't entirely custom made as I was able to wear my cousin in law's dress but made it my own. She had a long train on her dress which I required my seamstress to make permanently bustled for my wedding. We came up with a great idea to add a hot pink skirting to the dress which I required a BIG bustle for in the back with about 6 pickups. (You can see pics of my dress in my album under 'our wedding'). I paid in total less than $200 for the fabric and labor. It was a fairly simple project for her since she wasn't making the entire dress. I think we came up with a flat rate rather than hourly. I had 2 fittings. 1 in the beginning for her to take my measurements with the dress on and then a final fitting to make sure it was done right. There might have been more if it hadn't have gone perfect! wink We used a satin fabric for the skirting. I wouldn't recommend using this fabric for an entire dress because it's HOT!!! The dress itself was made of a very heavy high end satin and it was very warm!!! If I had to do it all again, I certainly would. It came out better than I imagined and meant more to me than buying a name brand dress since it was from my family. The only thing I wish I would have known BEFORE deciding on doing it was that I was going to have my original seamstress back out on me 3 months before my wedding. I would have liked to have had a reliable seamstress throughout the whole thing.

Good luck! What kind of ideas are you having?

Mrs. Pinky


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Re: Anyone had a truly custom-made dress? Please advise!
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Thanks Mrs. Pinky for getting the ball rolling!
As for the type of dress I'm thinking, I want:
-Sweep train
-Ruched bust
-Lace cap sleaves
-Plunge/framed back
I know, it's a lot of elements, it's not surprising that I haven't found THE PERFECT DRESS yet. I'm very particular!!! {color:#000000}For visuals of what I'm thinking check out my album Wedding Dress Inspiration. Also I'm getting married in August in an outdoor ceremony with indoor/outdoor reception. So yeah, I don't want a fabric that's going make me warmer than I will already be!


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Re: Anyone had a truly custom-made dress? Please advise!
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{font:Arial}{size:10pt}I read about the website {color:windowtext}http:/
in a book called Bridal

When I first checked the website out, I was definitely skeptical. It's a
site where you can buy wedding dresses
direct from China at really low prices. The site can be a little
confusing to navigate, but once I figured it out, I was able to look through
hundreds of dresses and I never saw one that was more than $300.{font}

{font:Arial}{size:10pt}I thought it was too good to be true, but decided to take a
chance and order a dress from them (I also google searched reviews of the site
first and found nothing but good remarks)

{font:Arial}Here's what happened:
1. I was able to have the dress I fell
in love with
custom made
for my size- so Ididn't have to worry about it being too short

2. The dress I loved didn't have a train and I really wanted
one- I e-mailed them to see if this could be done and they said yes- FOR ONLY
$20 EXTRA!

3. My dress arrived at my door in less than a month after I

4. It was perfect- great quality and fully lined in satin

5. I paid less than $300
for my dress, custom fit, added train, and shipping all combined.

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