Advice for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Veil

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Advice for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Veil
Posted: Mar 24, 2009 4:27 PM

1. Remember the veil is part of the Bridal outfit, not something that is ‘plonked' on your head as an after thought.

2. Try lots of different styles and lengths of veil in different fabrics to find the one that best compliments your outfit.

3. Don't have a heavily patterned veil with a very ornate dress as one will ‘fight' with the other.

4. Your guests should say ‘YOU look stunning', not your outfit looks stunning'.

5. Don't have a veil that cuts across detail at the back of the dress. Let the veil finish below the decoration. Silk tulle is sheer enough to alow decoration to show through.

6. If you are petite, don't have a veil that swamps you such as a high bouffant veil. It will only make you look smaller

7. Think of adding colour eg. embroidery, to the veil to link in with your bridesmaids and/or bouquet.

8. A veil can transform the simplest dress into a stunning Bridal outfit.

9. Don't forget to take your veil with you when you have your hair trial.

10. If you are nervous of pressing your veil, ask the store where you bought it if they will steam it a couple of days before the wedding. You can transport it home covered in a pillow case or duvet cover depending on its length.

11. Don't wear something because you think you should, wear what YOU want.

12. Don't make a decision about whether to wear a veil or not until you have tried some on with your dress. A long veil can create a wonderful ‘aura' around you.

13. Don't forget you can have a veil made to measure just as you can a dress. You can have the exact length and decoration that YOU want.
14.You only wear a veil once so make the most of it and enjoy it!

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Re: Advice for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Veil
Posted: Mar 24, 2009 6:07 PM Go to message in response to: silkveils

thank you, Vendor.

I have a better suggestion for #10. Instead of paying someone to steam press your veil, I used a blow dryer and it worked just fine.

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