Dilema: Fine China

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Dilema: Fine China
Posted: Jun 28, 2005 1:36 AM

Ok heres my dilema...well there are a few. My parents are very traditional and I was thinking about registering and mom says that we need to choose a crystal and china pattern. Ok so mom takes me to look and we see all of these beautiful Vera Wang Selections....waterford Crystal etc...my parents are very wealthy whereas I'm not. I'm a teacher and my Fiance just got a job as a sales rep for a flooring Co.
Anyway....I think it's silly for me who lives in a townhome to register for all of these elaborate gifts that I probably won't use in a million years. I mean I have 2 dogs and 3 cats in a townhome and I doubt I'll be having any fancy dinner parties anytime soon. I mean what would I do serve fur burgers on a Vera Wang platter?? I know i should think of the future but if I become wealthy and want to wine and dine guests with fancy china etc.... then I will be able to buy my own. Now I need the basics. But I know my parents and they will probably expect me to register for these fancy items. My parents are throwing this elaborate wedding which i appreciate, but once again it seems silly when I am needing so many other things. I would so much rather have that money to put towars a house or kids....but thats not an option. Anyone else in a similar situation....??? any advice?


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