quick and easy yet attractive centerpeices?

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Florcita Posts : 2 Registered: 12/1/08
Re: quick and easy yet attractive centerpeices?
Posted: Dec 1, 2008 9:26 AM Go to message in response to: Charlotte09

Charlotte09 wrote:

I am having a horrible time trying to decide how to decorate the tables at my venue. We have to decorate the day of the wedding, so I want the centerpieces to be something easy to set up. Then I dont want to spend tons of money on a bunch of floral centerpieces that are going to die and I am not a fan of fake flowers.

I was thinking about mixing candles and maybe putting some of our engagement pictures in nice frames on the tables too. However, I am afraid of someone catching something on fire with the candles and I am afraid the pictures will look more tacky than elegant. My other issue with candles is when to light them. Our reception is right after the wedding (which will take place just right outside). Would be light the candles before the ceremony starts and just let them sit there? Or should we just be a little tacky and send around people to light the candles while the guests are entering the reception area and finding a seat?

Part of me doesnt even want to decorate the tables anymore because the process has gotten annoying. But I really should decorate the tables. If anyone has any suggestions and especially pictures I would appreciate it. I cannot find any really good ideas as far as candle centerpieces or cheap centerpieces goes. Everything looks hazardous or tacky.

If it helps to know my tables will be long ones and not circular.

Hello Charlotte, You should'nt feel like that about this problem, you should not to use flowers if that is not you want, the best will always be whatever you and your groom prefer and like most.

The idea of candles and pictures is a nice idea and can be done perfectly welll!!!!

Besides is always good to do somehting diferent.Although you should think about how do you want this to look and how is it going to be displayed, in a round?? in a row?? too lose or too far from each other??....will candles and picture frames have the same highs and size??........ you should think about this and decide what is best.

Has your wedding party a "theme"????? f.e. my sister just turned 16 and her party theme were "witches"... (sighs) .....and she wanted medium size country dolls witches with a broom and that every doll has to wear a dress in same colour as her dress.....we put the dolls in the middle of the table with some small candles, the vases for the candles were a bit larger than the candles to prevent any accident, that was it, and then since we have seated same family members per table, (I mean one family per table, around five or 6 persons per table) at the end of the party, they keeped the dolls as a "souvernir", everything was lovely, everything looked great but I was really tired at the moment because I made all the dolls and it was a hard hard hard job. if I think about somehting else that it can help you I ll let you know..... byes!!!!


MichelleandRob Posts : 194 Registered: 5/12/08
Re: quick and easy yet attractive centerpeices?
Posted: Dec 19, 2008 12:38 PM Go to message in response to: Charlotte09

Use potted plants, like ivy, on your tables. You can cover the plastic container they come in with foil wrap that matches your wedding colors. If you are afraid that will look to plain, buy a few flowers from the florist and stick them in the soil. Afterward you can have plants from your wedding around your home or give them to your MOH and BM's and MOB, MOG as Thank you gifts.


foreverurs Posts : 31 Registered: 10/1/08
Re: quick and easy yet attractive centerpeices?
Posted: Mar 19, 2009 1:36 PM Go to message in response to: Florcita

I am a Destination wedding bride, and I saw the prices for floral centerpieces and almost passed out. So we are using fish bowls (the resort is providing those) and bringing small candles, putting sand, shells and the candles. I got the candles at AC moore and shells there too. I don't know what you think about that but I am saving a ton of money!


ArrangedbyAmy Posts : 10 Registered: 4/3/09
Re: quick and easy yet attractive centerpeices?
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i'm a wedding floral designer and wedding planner/consultant..I have tons of ideas that get by without flowers, in fact depending on your budget and style you can have a lot of fun with your decor! do you have a thrift store near you, like a salvation army? my favorite lately is using mismatched champagne or wine glasses and using them to float candles or to use as vases or turn them upside down and use as a stand for candles and then intermix framed pictures, or check out the PartyLite catalog online, you can do both they have a candle holder that has a place to place a picture...http://www.partylite.com/en-us/weddings/centerpieces/ProductDetails.aspx the express it luminaries are all in one!! anyway, as far as having candles, you don't have to ask guests to light the candles, ask the caterer to light them prior to your reception or check into flameless candles that are battery operated,www.save-on-crafts.com has a lot of lights like little buttons you can submerse in liquid and they last for at least the length of the reception. another way for you to use pictures on the table is to use a very shear fabric overlay on the tables and scatter black and white copies around the table and cover with the shear fabric, then no matter what you put on the table there are pictures under the place settings when dinner is over! you can ask me more directly seekhimfindhim@hotmail.com , whatever you decide, relax have fun and if worse comes to worse give your budget to someone in the wedding party and let them participate!!! God bless, amy


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