Rude Guests at showers/reception

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Rude Guests at showers/reception
Posted: Jun 20, 2005 8:46 PM

I was just wondering how many of you guys have encountered these aquaintainces/close friends...and yes even family members that show up at these functions giftless and even cardless. They've got their dancing shoes on, bring uninvited guests and eat and drink the nite away. When my sis got married lots of our family even did this. My good friend got married and told me to wait and see. I would be surprised at our mutual friends. Her boss (at the time) who is very well off attended and gifted her a card w/$10 in it?! NO, I know it's not about the gifts/$ but I would never think of doing that to someone. Also, when my sis got married lots of people "added" uninvited guests to their replies. One of these people (along w/her 7 guests) never showed up. My sis had to pay for alot of people that said they were coming (even up to the day before) that just plain didn't show up!! What can you say to these people? Is there any way of hinting at how rude they are?


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