Anyone going on a Disneymoon?

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Re: Anyone going on a Disneymoon?
Posted: Aug 26, 2008 3:20 AM Go to message in response to: projectmrscole

Project, October is, IMO, the BEST time to go to Disney!  The theme parks are MUCH slower which means the wait times at attractions are less- unless there is a problem you won't be waiting an hour to get on a ride!  However, because the parks are slower they usually close earlier so if you are a real night owl you might have a problem.  The parks generally open at 9AM all year long and they might close around 7PM (or a little earlier or later) in October.  This is because with such fewer crowds you can do everything you would want to do by closing whereas other times of the year you would need to stay there until midnight to get everything in.  Trust me, get there when they open, take a break for a few hours during the day,  then go back at night for the last 3 or so hours, it's great.

Also, the weather is perfect at that time of the year.  Much of the year is HOT but October is typically in the mid 70's, very nice.


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Re: Anyone going on a Disneymoon?
Posted: Aug 29, 2008 6:40 PM Go to message in response to: newsjunkie

Thank you so much for the info newsjunkie! Mid 70's is my favorite kind of weather. :) And we do tend to like to stay up late but I'm sure that we can find something to do at night. Even if it means just lounging in the room and drinking a glass of wine. Thans again.


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Re: Anyone going on a Disneymoon?
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There are TONS of things to do at night!  My favorite place to go is Jellyrolls at the Boardwalk resort.  It is a dueling piano bar, very laid back and fun.  Not a meat market, just a casual place to hang out.  There are always TONS of Disney cast members there, too, only people don't know it, it's a huge hang out.  We used to go every single week on cast member night (Tuesday, I think- it's been a while) and the place would be packed.  I worked in Guest Relations and there would be CM's from each park's GR and we would all hang out together, it was the best time.  :)

Just going to the Boardwalk to walk around is fun, too.  They have lots of shops there and a really cool sports bar, ESPN Club (tv's in the bathroom!).  The Polynesian Resort is another cool one to walk around and just hang out.  Actually, most of the deluxe and moderate resorts are fun to just hang out at, they are all very different and interesting.

Downtown Disney is another option.  Disney Quest is a 5-story entertainment complex that is REALLY cool.  If you or your FH like video games you MUST go there.  They have some regular games, some regular games that aren't so regular, some games that are more like rides (CyberSpace Mountain is AMAZING, so is Jungle Cruise), and some really cool virtual reality things.  Set aside several hours to visit this place.  It does cost money but not as much as the theme parks.

The rest of Downtown Disney is free unless you eat or buy merchandise.  LOTS of shops that are really neat to poke around in, places to run in for a drink or whatever.  From what I hear Pleasure Island- which is/used to be a network of different nightclubs- is being reworked starting this fall so I don't think that will be available to you but if you really want some nightlife you could go Universal's City Walk (a somewhat pricy cab ride away).

Or just stay in your room with a bottle of wine! :)


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Re: Anyone going on a Disneymoon?
Posted: Sep 2, 2008 5:00 AM Go to message in response to: ChucksGrl0215

Hmm... this sounds great... it sounds like a really nice place to bond and have fun in. i'm thinking we'll have our 3rd honeymoon there... 


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Re: Anyone going on a Disneymoon?
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It sounds like you are the person to turn to when it comes to Disney so I'm hoing you can answer a question for me...

My DH and I are going on a belated HM in January (unfortunately it's the weekend of the marathon) and I have done a lot of research through websites and guides (I really like the Unofficial Guide to DW) but am still uncertain as to how much cash we should bring.  We are there for a week (5 days at Pop Century and last two nights at Animal Kingdom Lodge) and we are on the Dining Plan.  We know the Dining Plan does not include tips and then we know we will need extra cash for other miscellaneous stuff. 

Do you have any suggestions?  Maybe a scale of how much a day we might need?  I read on Allears that someone took $1000 of cash for a week trip but I think they had kids, so I don't know how they determined the amount of cash to take.

Also, how much of a difference will the marathon make to the crowds, as Jan is usually a slow period.  Thanks for any help you can give me.  :-) 


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Re: Anyone going on a Disneymoon?
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Kristy, I really don't think the marathon will affect you too much.  I recommend you call Disney at 407-WDISNEY to find out the exact route (keep pressing them until the answer- it is a somewhat unusual question so you might get passed around a bit but it is important to know) AND find out what time it starts.  As I recall it started really early in the morning and while the route does take you into the parks it is over by the time the parks are really hopping.  So, I imagine it could affect things a little bit but get the exact info and if, say, on the day of the marathon they expect the runners to hit the Disney Hollywood Studios between 10AM and 11AM you could choose to go to one of the other parks that day to make sure no attractions are closed or areas of the parks are roped off and you don't miss anything. 

As for the dining plan, that was something that was instituted after I left so I'm not really familiar with it.  I wouldn't worry too much about cash, though.  Yes, you will need it for gratuities and street food and merchandise vendors (because  you simply must have a Mickey bar ice cream- they are to die for!) but if you are running low they have ATM's in each park, usually around the entrance (ever so convenient of them, huh? lol).  Any additional purchases- merchandise, etc- can be purchased with credit or debit cards, as well as personal or traveler's checks.

Disney has some AMAZING merchandise that is almost an attraction unto itself.  It is also unavoidable- nearly every attraction "dumps" (lets out) into a merchandise location.  However, since it costs so much just to get into the park I wouldn't waste my time shopping there unless it is something specific to that park or one of it's attractions (like a t-shirt from the Tower of Terror or something like that).  If you are looking for more general Disney/Mickey stuff hit the Downtown Disney area where you will find a shopper's paradise.  It's an open-air series of shops and restaurants that you would find in any typical mall- except the restaurants are WAY cooler than you would find elsewhere and all the shops are Disney-themed.  Like, the kitchen and cooking store features typical utensils, flatware, cookery, etc.- all with a Disney twist.  If you only have time to go to one place I would hit The World of Disney- literally (at least when I was there a few years ago) the largest Disney store in the world.  If you can't find it there then you probably don't need it!  Really, really awesome stuff.  It's fun to go even if you don't plan on buying anything as Disney finds it impossible to "just" build a store; rather, they incorporate cool features inside it.  If you can't find anything really neat there ask a cast member, they will be happy to tell you.  (Hint: go to the jewelry section and check out the mirrors!)

Hope that helped!  I don't check this thread often enough so if you have more questions just PM me and I will write as soon as I can.


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Re: Anyone going on a Disneymoon?
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My FH and I are obsessed with the honeymoon! We've decided to take a 3 week honeymoon! We're spending the first week at the Marriott Residence Inn on International Drive (My mom is giving us!) and doing the whole Universal thing and dinner shows. The second week we'll be at either the Carribean Beach Resort or Port New Orleans and do all the disney parks. Finally, we're taking a week long Disney cruise! We are both so excited for this! Even though my mom is paying for the first week's hotel (the only reason we can afford 3 weeks), this thing is crazy expensive! Oh well, like I tell everyone, we only get one honeymoon!!

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Re: Anyone going on a Disneymoon?
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