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Re: Favors ?
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I have read in bridal magazines that you really should provide SOME sort of favour (even a "donation in your name") thing for guests, because they are coming to the wedding, paying for a gift, possibly travelling,etc.

I am planning something edible and something not edible.

Any favours left at the wedding, I will bring to the morning-after brunch.  If anyone wants an extra, or forgot theirs at the wedding, they can take one.  If any are left over (depending what they are) I could either donate them to a charity, or bring them on my honeymoon as a way to thank the "help" for making our honeymoon great.  Just some ideas.


AvalonVonZombie Posts : 39 Registered: 7/2/07
Re: Favors ?
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We're having a 17th century Masquerade Ball-wedding and decided that we would provide the masks (So there will be no excuse, I want people playing along and having fun with it, Jeez!). I'm actually making them, so that will be perfect...  and my Mummy and I may come up with something edible, not 100% on the possible secondary one, though. 

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Re: Favors ?
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For favors we are doing a few things: 

For the children coming to the ceremony/small reception we're doing sand pails w/ sand toys in it

No favors for the adults at that one.

We're doing a large dessert reception and the "favor" for that is a candy bar w/ chinese food boxes or some other container (I haven't found the container yet) that people will be able to fill and take home with them. On the table with the candy we are also going to be informing our guests that we have donated to The American Cancer Society (this will be on the tags on the containers). This donation was made in honor of my Father who passed away from lung cancer 11 years ago, and in honor of my godmother who passed away from breast cancer 10 years ago (though she was also a breast cancer survivor for nearly 12 years).


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Re: Favors ?
Posted: Aug 10, 2008 10:46 PM Go to message in response to: B2B999

were doing little boxes with our names on them and jordan almonds.  I figure I can save some if I keep it simple.




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Re: Favors ?
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Our favors brought some of my favorite memories from the wedding, as well as some of the best pictures.

We did two chocolate truffles in little gold see through bags at each place setting. About a dozen people didn't show that night, so DH's grandfather (I love that man) went around and ate all of the extra chocolates.  The photographer got a shot of it, and it's one of my favorite pictures.

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BoysMissLady Posts : 932 Registered: 1/18/07
Re: Favors ?
Posted: Aug 10, 2008 11:24 PM Go to message in response to: totobride

Toto, that is so cute.  I can totally see the picture.  And then I see his DW fussin at him later when he has a tummy ache.  lol!

We are having a music theme and our tables will have names of our favorite love songs...so we're going to create a cd with all of those songs.  With a picture of us on the front.

Then we also plan to have a candy bar.


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stargazer9 Posts : 448 Registered: 12/20/06
Re: Favors ?
Posted: Aug 10, 2008 11:36 PM Go to message in response to: Guest

Since DH and I went for coffee a lot when we were first dating we got little coffee cup shaped and scented candles in little boxes with white ribbons.  The label that came attached to it said "The Perfect Blend" on one side and then on the other side we made our own stickers with our initials and wedding date to put on.  Here they are:



We got them online and because we ordered 150 we got them for $2 each and just placed one at each woman's place setting as they usually care more about that sort of thing and we could only give one per family.

They were one of the things we sprung for and we loved them and they were a big hit the night of (:


auntofthebride Posts : 9,354 Registered: 4/2/06
Re: Favors ?
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This is an old thread that has come back to life. I'll offer my observations.

I much prefer edible favors. That way I can take the favors home to the kids, or have a little snack myself the next day. Once the little tidbit is eaten, then it's out of my life. I don't have any kind of inexpensive souvenir that I have to store, move, dust, clean or hate to throw away (but will eventually).

I very much dislike the notion of giving to charity in lieu of favors. What kind of statement does that make? "I have a small gift for you, Mr and Mrs Wedding Guest. Oops, no I don't. Because I figure you'd just throw away any kind of inexpensive souvenir that I would give you, I won't give you a gift, after all. Instead I will donate to a charity that I have picked, not necessarily one that you might have picked."


If you want to donate to charity, donate to charity by all means. But don't donate MY gift to YOUR charity without giving me, somehow, the option of choosing to actually receive the gift.

On the other hand... if there is a charity that you want to support, there is an excellent way to do that. See if the charity has some kind of little token that they sell to raise money. Colored wristbands are common, as are ribbon pins. 

Buy a load of those good-cause-awareness items and give them out. That way the guest DOES go home with a small gift, and the charity gets a good donation. I think this should only be done if the charity is truly something near and dear to the hearts of the happy couple.

As an example, someone wrote recently about their FMIL dying of cancer. Handing out wristbands in the color appropriate to that particular cancer would be nice. I think all guests would be OK with that. However, handing out gifts that support some random charity that no one "connects" with is... ehhhh... weird. 


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Re: Favors ?
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we got the little mint tins made by the Wilton company and we're gonna put personalized M&Ms in them and decorate the tins a little bit. My mom also wants to get our guest these little bell placecard holders too.

The wedding I went to this weekend, the bride handmade little photo albums for everyone and they had a chocolate bar at each place setting. 



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Re: Favors ?
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AAARGH- the favor question!

Sorry, this one drove me crazy during my planning!  :)  I was only thinking of doing favors because it was "traditional" and I was having a DW and wanted to do something extra for my guests (beyond the wedding... and the next day brunch... and the night before pub crawl...) but my mom thought we were doing plenty.  I love the idea of doing a charity donation but my mom nixed that because any charity I liked was something that she thought would be a "downer" (not saying she is right, just saying why we didn't do it).

We ended up giving out slices of wedding cake in boxes that had our names and wedding date printed on them.  We did this for a couple of reasons.  First, we only had 66 guests but still wanted a regular 3-tier cake.  We also got married in the South where groom's cakes are very popular.  Since all of DH's friends had groom's cakes I couldn't skip his but we did do a make your own sundae bar instead because of the previously-mentioned cake surplus and the fact that he LOVES ice cream (and is well known for it!).  Since we knew ahead of time that we were going to have TONS of leftover cake we decided on cake for favors and everyone really liked it.  :)


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Re: Favors ?
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We are giving a tea lite candle in pink organza bags, and ivory favor box's with pink ribbon that have silver hershey's kisses in it and inside the box is a note "Here are a few kisses from the new Mr & Mrs".

I really want to do a program, still thinking about that tho. The only thing that makes me not want to do them is because everytime someone graduates we get programs and no one really reads them nor keeps them.



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Re: Favors ?
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We did little red and white M & Ms customized with our names. One said "Sarah & Austin" and the other said, "Tied the Knot."

My sister, who offered to pay for the favors, didn't like the bag the M & Ms came in; she said they looked "cheap and cheezy" so when she showed up to the wedding with them, they looked like this:

And as an extra note: THANK YOU, AOTB. I agree completely on the charity donations as favors thing.



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Re: Favors ?
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We're doing personalized m&ms too, in maroon and cream. It's surprisingly the thing FH is most excited about. I was MOH in my friend's wedding a few weeks ago, and I was telling FH something about the BM gifts she was thinking of giving us, and somehow he thought I was talking about our favors, and got all upset: "But what happened to the m&ms???!!!!" It was pretty cute :)






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