No gift/card but attended wedding? Suggestions?

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No gift/card but attended wedding? Suggestions?
Posted: Jun 3, 2005 2:51 PM

We were married in May. Going over the guest list and cards received, we realized that we didn't have a card or gift from 2 couples who were at the wedding. I'm not sure what to do now, since everything I read says you shouldn't ask people if they sent a gift or card.

I feel that it's rude not to at least give a card. New H is upset that the millionaire didn't 'come through' with anything and I'm mad at the so called friend/acquaintance (female) that didn't spend $3 on a card. I think it's worse for him since these were his invites and because my family, some on fixed income, came from 100s of miles away & still were very generous. H feels like he didn't hold up his end somehow (esp since our registry ranged from $5 to $300). Granted, we didn't send the friend a gift when she got married, because we didn't recieve an invite or announcement, and didn't know about it until long after the fact.

In this situation, do you send a thank you card for attending (since gifts aren't really supposed to be required)? Do you just wait and see if something shows up later? Or let it go completly? It's going to cause a bit of a friction the next time the group of friends is all together, since we both feel offended. I admit I'm ticked that I spent $100 per plate for these 4 people and they didn't even leave a note of congratulations or best wishes.

How do you handle this politely?


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