bridesmaid shoes

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bridesmaid shoes
Posted: May 4, 2005 2:30 AM

My best friend is getting married in August, and I am an honored and excited bridesmaid. We are wearing a very buttery yellow chiffon-y dress. When I asked my friend what about shoes (all the while thinking to myself "Please, please, please no dyed shoes!), she said, "I really don't care, whatever you want". Mucho excitement on my part!

But the problem is, what color shoes do you wear with buttery yellow? I was thinking of a pale gold - not brassy gold - but that pale, almost beige-y metallic that is all in right now. But, when I pointed out a pair like that one day shoe shopping, she didn't look overly impressed, if you know what I mean. While a general lack of excitement is not unusual for her, something kind of made me think twice about my choice. Now, I don't wear white dress shoes. Just isn't gonna happen. I was thinking - I can't believe it - that maybe I would get shoes dyed to match after all, and then dye them black after. I don't really have any strappy blacks, so I thought that was a good idea! But, does anyone know if A)dying over dye is possible, and B) will black dye rub off on my feet. Or, does anyone have any other suggestions? P.S. - I'm kind of not rolling in the dough now, laid off in March, and hate to not make the most cost-effective decion. Any help, much appreciated!


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