september brides 07???

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Re: september brides 07???
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Well ladies, we did it.  It's all over.  Ryan and I got married September 8th.  Were intending to have an outdoor ceremony but of course the weather in Indiana decided otherwise.  It poored from about 2pm on.  All turned out great though.  We ended up moving into the reception hall and all of my girls were the best.  They kept me up to date on how everything was progressing while I sat in a coat closet trying to hide from Dh.  The room looked beautiful, but I was sooo nervous.  I thought I would cry but I think my shaking knees prevented me from doing that :-)  All in all it was a glorious evening and I spent the night dancing away.  To all the upcoming brides...HAVE FUN!!


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Re: september brides 07???
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Congraulations soon2btaylor! I'm so glad it went well for you. And good luck futuremrsnoppy! Holy crap, I get married in 18 days.

So I took my dress home today. I was kinda peeved that I had to take it home because it will surely get wrinkled in the bag in my closet.... but they said I can bring it back if I think it needs another pressing so thats good. I love my dress. It seems so much smaller without all the extra crap on the bottom. It ended up being taken in an inch and its snug but not too tight. I just hope I don't start gorging in the next 18 days and letting my middle expand. The only problem is my extra pudge at the top of my dress spills over but its not too bad if I stand up straight. I talked to my personal attendent today and told her I might just have her police my posture, at least during pics! How bad would it be to have the pudge in all the pictures?

So I got the final contract for the rehearsal dinner today and found out I made a not so good mistake. We have to preorder our meals at this restauratn because of the number of people we have. Well I had gotten a sample menu when I reserved it last year but they changed the menu in may. They sent me the new menu, but I kept the old one and niether was labeled particularly well, so wouldn't ya know it, I used the wrong one. Two of the four entre choices I gave guests are not available. So I need to figure out how to communicate that with the peopel who have given me their choices and those who havent. Grrrr. Another aggravating thing is with the contract was another menu... thats what alerted me to the fact I used the wrong one... this menu also is different from the one they sent in may! There are two different entres. They said they change their menu in november and may so I dont know why this one is different. Whatever I guess... I still screwed up. At least I found this out before I tried to give my guaranteed numbers and food choices!

I'm taking my program to be approved by our pastor tomorrow. Next week my mom and I are decorating my unity candle and making tags to go on the bells we got for the reception... they'll little bells for guests to ring instead of tapping on glasses when they want us to kiss. And they'll double as favors if anyone wants to take them home. My mom is finishing flowers and I'm staying up to date on the other little tasks I need to do. I really need to write up the days' itinerary and mail in the must take photo list.

I'm having such a hard time staying focused. Not freaking out yet... just having a short attention span. i need to work nine more days before vacation and I really need to get focused or I might get myself into trouble. Wish me luck!

Re: september brides 07???
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OMG its 11 days AWAY!!!!!!!!! Im sooo overwelhemed and nervous and excited - I dont think i ever had so many feelings going on at one time as I do right now!!!!!!

Well Now it Just count down - I have to Finish my favors with are chocolate playing cards in sash bags with tags that I made on them ...... I met with the DJ and our songs are alll picked ..... I meet with the Judge on Friday the 21st (very nervous about this) .... I pick up All the Dresses on Friday before the wedding and I am taking them to the Partridge House (Bed and Breakfast ) where the girls and I are staying the night before ..... I have to finish the Programs and start printing..... I did the seating chart and met with the Reception Hall to pick out our food and drink choices.......

Is anyone FREAKING OUT yet ??????????  Oh my there are times i cant stand my self because I feel like im lost or im walking in circles because I feel i have sooooo much to do - this is my last week of work then im off for 2 and half weeks - this is very stressful because I have so much work to do to get caught up --- and there is no one to cover for me so what i dont get done will still be here when i get back (oh my) ...

I keep praying for no rain on the 29th !!!!!!!  and I just want everything to work out and be very nice ......

Congrats on the September Brides who already got married !!!!!

Good luck to the ones who like me still have to get married (lol) !!!!

love ya Brides - Best of Luck and Best Wishes!!!!!




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Re: september brides 07???
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I think its just you and me now Nikki! In 23 minutes my vacation FINALLY starts. I've never taken a vacation over a week so this will be nice.

What tables do I need at the reception besides the head table, guest tables, buffet, cake and gifts? Am I missing any?

The only snag I have right now is I need to recruit another person or two to help prepare the reception hall... pretty much just get the table cloths on and setup centerpieces and the bells I got for people to ring to make us kiss... I had to do this because all the glasses are PLASTIC! Or maybe the champaign flutes aren't... I don't know. But I also thought they were cute. Anyway... so theres not much to do. The monkey wrench of the whole thing is the reception is on the opposite side of town from the church, and the badgers have a home game that day. To get from one place to the other takes you across downtown where traffic will be terrible depending on game time, which STILL HAS NOT BEEN ANNOUNCED. Damn big 10 and college football and their stupid television schedules. Just decide when they'll play the game!! It would make my life a lot easier right now. The problem I'm having is I need to be careful who I recruit to do this setup that I dont get someone who is needed at the church and then isn't there on time because of traffic!

OK, enough venting for now. I need to assemble centerpieces and attach the tags to the bells. I need to drive down to my moms on Monday to get all the stuff she has and then when I have it all in one place, separate what needs to be at the ceremony and the reception... the list is getting shorter. I will be SOOOO happy when I make it to the rehearsal dinner and its all happening!

We still haven't engraved our rings yet! We don't know what to put on them. I need to call the store because they said it would only take a day or two so we may still have time if we can decide what we want. Is anyone else engraving their rings or not?

I also finally ordered part of FH's present. It should be here in time. I don't have enough money to get both parts now. I'll get the other thing later. FH told me he only ordered mine last night too... but I know what he's getting me and I'm sure he has a pretty good idea what I'm getting him.

I need to write our directions to the rehearsal dinner. I went yesterday to drop off the contract and got lost! Well not lost, but I didn't get there in the most direct manner.

OK, thats enough thinking. I want to be able to sleep tonight!

Re: september brides 07???
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Hiya JESS!!!! OMG we are soooooooo close!!!!!! 3 days away!!!

Oh how i wish i could sleep - Im  soo restless at night and im up and at strange hours all I think about is the wedding wedding wedding ...... what am i forgetting .... what do I have to do??? my mind is sooo boggled at times ......

Yes Im on vacation tooo .... Im off for 2 and half weeks .... it nice ... but i have alot of work when i go back ......

We didnt get our bands engraved .... we decided we will do that after the wedding......

the weather is surpose to be beautiful on saturday..... I reallly hope it is .....

I wish u the best of luck Jess!!!!! Have a fun and safe honeymoon!!!!


Re: september brides 07???
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Hi everyone!!! My wedding was Sept 1 and it was great! I posted stuff about it on another thread with pics :)


Sandi - your daughter looked so beautiful!


Nikki & Jess - good luck for your weddings!! I'm sure they will go great :) I also wanted to engrave something meaningful on the rings but I couldn't think of what to engrave so just ended up w/ "9-1-07 i love you" on both of them. other people do the date they met and their wedding date which i thought was cool too but i heard of that after i did mine. i wanted my husband to think of something romantic to engrave on mine and id do something on his but we could never think of anything under the 14 character maximum :)


yay~!! after this weekend all the brides on this thread will be MAAARRIED!!!!

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Re: september brides 07???
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Hey all you September brides! We're done!! Is anyone still here? If so, I've finally written about my wedding, and I'm posting it here finally! Its long, so I'm posting it in three parts.

On Saturday, Sept. 29 I had my perfect wedding. Despite a few small glitches everything went off without a hitch. I still can't believe its been three weeks, it feels like it was just yesterday. Now all I have left wedding-wise is thank you notes and getting my dress preserved.

Some of you may remember I was pretty stressed right before. I was having problems finding people to set up the reception and I was upset that what I was doing to blend my bad tan lines didn't seem to work. But that all went away as the week went on and it was just perfect.

One of my bridesmaids, and good friends, flew in from Montana the Wednesday night before the wedding and from that point on, I mostly enjoyed the rest of the week, though I still spent too much time worrying the guests were board or that something wasn't working right.

Thursday before the wedding was still a planning day... we took the dog to the kennel and had lunch and then Kristen and I put the centerpieces together. It was so exciting when I finally put it all together, the idea I had months ago was actually going to work. It looked so nice! I showed Kristen my dress and she put some bronzing powder on me, and along with the spray tan I got (yes, in addition to the tanning beds!) I think the lines blended OK. At least enough that I quit worrying so much about them.

Thursday night Kristen went with some family friends and then some of our other friends came into town and we had dinner and hung out. The  Friday more friends came... my friend who made the cake. Then in the afternoon the guys went to get tuxes and Kristen and I were joined by another bridesmaid, Desiree, to get our nails done. It was fun having the three of us there at the same time doing our nails. I got a manicure and a pedicure... my first of each. I will get plenty more!

Things got kinda crazy after we got our nails done. If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't have had the wedding events be as spread out around town as they were. Because I had to take the girls back to their hotel and then get home, across town, to load the car with the wedding and reception stuff and still change to get ready for rehearsal, which was not super close and then the dinner was across town the other way...

Anyway, thats where I caused one of our glitches. I had the guys load the stuff in their cars and in the process I stuck our ring box in with the boutenierres... and then I forgot I did that! At the rehearsal and for the rest of the night I thought the rings were still at home and I kept saying "remind me to bring the rings and the piano music for ave maria" (yeah I also forgot to bring the accompaniment music for my sister's oboe solo to give to the organist!). Well, the rings weren't at home, but Ididn't remember where they were. This was around 11:30 probably I was realizing this, because a few of us had gone out for a little while after the rehearsal dinner.

So I got on the phone and woke up a few people who didn't go out, asking them if they had the ring box in their car or remembered seeing it! Well you can imagine my horror when they all said no the didn't have it. I was so upset. DH and I had a civil ceremony in December, but we didn't exchange rings. So this was the most important part to me of our church ceremony... and yeah if they were misplaced we could have just used other rings, but I wanted to have my church ceremony with MY RINGS!

Well, at some point talking I remembered that I had put them in with the boutenierres and they should be at the church. So at this point I decided to be confident thats where they were and not freak out anymore until I got to the church. Luckily they were there!

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Re: september brides 07???
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part 2:

All right, so Saturday started out well. I didn't have a lot to do since I was getting my hair and makeup done for me. All I had to do before I left was get my emergency kit together and shower without washing my hair (which really bugged me) and then put gel in it to make it dirty. I was late to my hair appointment though because my MOHs husband was going to drop her off at my house to ride to the salon with us, but they got lost. I was the only late one though because my appointment started a half hour before the other girls.

My hair and makeup turned out beautifully. I think i had a small panic attack at the salon though... I think brought on by the latte I had! All I know is I was having trouble breathing, which isn't hard to believe since I have asthma, but I was also dizzy.... who knows maybe I didn't get enough sleep or something. The funny thing was I was having this little attack before I found out my friend who had all the reception stuff in her car, in going out to leave for the reception set up, had LOCKED her keys in her car! She was going to meet my sisters to set it all up and I thought we were toast as I listened to her calling lock places and them telling her it would be hours before they could get to her. Luckily she found a place that could get there right away. They started the reception set up late, which got all of them to the church somewhat late, but there was enough extra time in the schedule that it didn't affect things too much.

So we got done with the salon on schedule and went to get lunch before heading to the church. I hadn't been eating real well up to that day and I barely ate my lunch. I had a sandwich and baguette from Panera and ate the baguette and only a few bites of my sandwich. I was getting nervous!

We did pictures and then all I could do was wait. Ialmost finished my lunch before the ceremony started but then I was glad I didn't. When it was finally time to go I felt so sick! All of the sudden it was time to walk down the aisle and I tried to tell them all I wasn't ready!

So I walked down the aisle and I look at Doug first and I start tearing up, which would have been bad because my mascara wasn't water proof. So I look around at others, who are also crying. Then I look back at Doug... wow that was a long walk down the aisle. I almost passed out. Both Doug and the pastor told me afterwards they weren't sure I was going to make it! It took me a good 10 to 15 minutes to get my barings!

I don't remember much of the ceremony other than thinking we should have only sang one hymn instead of two, or at least specified only one verse instead of all three. Doug had wanted to make the ceremony shorter than its 35 minutes and I thought that would be fine. Well, standing up there I decided it wasn't!

We had a funny moment when we went to light the unity candle. As we were walking up there my veil got dangerously close to the flame on one of the tapers. Then when we were lighting the big candle it didn't light very easily. And then we had decided that once we got the big one lit, we'd blow out the tapers. In the process we almost blew out the big one too! There s a picture from the candle lighting where my eyes are really big and I think it must have been after that happened.

My sister played a great oboe solo, and I had remembered the piano accompaniment too.

So the ceremony dragged on and then it was over! Time to walk back down the aisle!

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Re: september brides 07???
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OK last part.

We had family pictures at the church right after the ceremony and then bridal party pictures at the gardens where we had our reception. This was the part that I was really tense about, making sure there was enough time and not keeping our guests waiting. Well it turned out we had plenty of time. We were even able to take pictures at the two locations we wanted in the gardens. I thought we'd only have time for one.

Then we had our entrance and cut the cake right away. I realized right when I was going to cut the cake that I had NO IDEA what we were supposed to do! So everyone's gathering to take their pictures and I'm asking "what they heck am I supposed to do?" lol

since we had a buffet, and I had told them 6:30 to have it ready, it didn't really matter that we could have started serving at 6:15. I wished I had thought of that and then I wouldn't have let myself get so worried about getting everything done quick.

We had the toasts and then the blessing and then maybe five minutes or so before the buffet.

Lets see... the only annoying thing at all about the reception was the DJ, even though I had submitted the even planning and timing forms, kept coming over to ask me if we were going to do things... we started the first dance a half hour late which screwed up our "receiveing line". We were going to have our dance before the cake was served and then talk to people as they were eating cake. Well the cake was served and then we still hadn't had our dance so we started trying to talk to people and then we finally had our dance.

So it didn't really work too well on the receiving line stuff, but I think we talked to almost everyone who was there. There were a few people who left before we could get to them, but not too many.

I didn't really relax until after our first dance and even then I was still trying to get around to guests. I hadn't eaten a full meal in about two days since I was too busy playing hostess, but I did get to finish my wedding dinner! And it was REALLY GOOD food, but it was also the cheapest thing on the menu, lol. I only got to have two glasses of the beer we had paid for though so that was irritating. And I only got to have one other slow dance with DH after our first dance... or maybe two. But all in all it was great.

People here have said you don't sleep before your wedding. Well I slept pretty good the night before my wedding. It was the night of that neither DH nor I slept! We were still high from the entire day and then looking forward to driving to the airporr the next day to leave for our honeymoon. I know the four or so hours I did sleep I still felt like I was wearing my dress and there were still people all around me. QUite a strange feeling.

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Re: september brides 07???
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Thats it! I'm also going to post a few of my pictures. I didn't take too many pictures with my camera obviously. Cool I didn't even know where it was most of the day, but some pictures got taken!


My finished hair!


Getting my makeup done


Finished product. It turned out so well!


The bittersweet moment at the end of the night where I was relieved it was over, but also a little sad.


I thought this was a cute one with my pajamas on, but still in my hair, makeup and jewelry.


And then my hair after I took out the 84 bobby pins. I had been so happy after my trial because there were only like 27 bobby pins. I got there for the real event and my stylist laughed at me when I mentioned that there had been so few. I was definitely getting more than 27!

Also, if anyone's interested, here's the link to my professional photos:

gallery is jessica and doug and the password is durso.

And thats it! Enjoy.

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Re: september brides 07???
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Well we are MARRIED!!!!!!!  I cant believe how fast time just flew - its been 3 weeks since the wedding ....... I had an amazing day!!!! the best day of my life .......

the most stressful day was Friday before the wedding ..... getting my nails done ....having lunch with bridal party.... picking up dresses ..... very hectic day ... cant believe i got it all done in one day...... plus I met friends from erie pa for the first time in person.... I met heather online about 2 years ago and we chatted every day since and her and her husband came to the wedding - it was awesome .... plus the fact i was very very emotional that Friday so when we met I of course cryed and cryed (lol).....

the Place my bridesmaids and I were staying at the Bed and Breakfast (also where heather and eric were staying) was Beautiful.....

 I'm so thankful for the late Ceremony that i Have chosen .... we got married at 3:30 with a 4:00 cocktail hour then 5 pm reception....everything ran very smoothly.... but i had alot of time to relax and get pictures taken all day....

I also slept better the NIGHT before the wedding than I did for the 3 weeks before .....

 DJ was GREAT !!!! AWESOME guests danced all night!!!!!

My photographer = was ok - I would of liked more shots to choose from with the wedding party and with my husband and I ..... she toook alot of candid shots than posed shots ... I would of liked more posed... What pics we did get came out very nice.... but i would of liked more .....we got 487 proofs out of them most were reception shots with people dancing..... I only have like 6 shots to choose from for our formal pic of my honey and me .....

 The food was AWESOME every one raved (sausage, turkey and ham - family style) I of course didnt eat much .... I felt like i Had fireworks going off under my dress (LOL).... i was so excited and overwelhemed that I couldnt sit ... I wanted to Dance and get with the guests ..... see I have this motto ..... If the bride cant get to chat with you then she dont deserve a gift... I dont believe in card boxes or mail boxes or gift tables .... I believe in the bride going around to each and every table ..... so I had this panic attack that I wasnt going to have enough time to get around 20 some tables ... BUT WE DID !!!!! I met with every single guest (goal accompolished) ........

I have pics up on my space



Jess....... YOU LOOKED SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!  It looks and sounds like you had an awesome day also ....... your pics are beautiful !!!!!!  how was the honeymoon?  

when u get a chance check out and see my pics or you can also go on my dj's website look for wedding pics of John and Nikki Redman........ 

KEEP in touch .....

I wish you the very very best and happiness!!!!



9/29/2007 - I married the man of my dreams!!!!!!


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