I kind of hate my e-ring... now what? Kind of just a vent...

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Re: I kind of hate my e-ring... now what? Kind of just a vent...
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I just want to send you a **BIG HUG**  and let you know that you ARE definately in my prayers.  A lot of us don't realize how the things that we are blessed with can be easily taken for granted and we think that our situations are bad at times, but when we REALLY OPEN our eyes, there is someone right IN FRONT of us who has it WORSE!


Don't let the e-ring get your spirits down.  The two most important things you should only focus on is marrying the man you LOVE and getting yourself (healthwise) together.  The first ring my husband gave me was a pretty white gold CZ ring, and it was special to me because it was the ring he used to propose with.  The night before our wedding he surprised me with a brand new white gold, 1 1/2 carat diamond set and asked that I wear the new engagement ring instead of the old one.  I will still keep the old one although I can't fit it on any other fingers (DARN IT FAT FINGERS), maybe I will have it stretched so that I can.  SO wear your mom's band with pride and look forward to the day when you WILL switch.  You never know, you too may be surprised!  Wink


God bless sweetie and stay strong.

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Re: I kind of hate my e-ring... now what? Kind of just a vent...
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SweetxGrace - My daughter suffered from the same thing that newsjunkie is suffering from. It is a VERY debilitating illness and can cause a woman to not be able to take part in many of the things that most woman, myself included, can do without thinking about everyday. I lived with my daughter thru all of her suffering and I know exactly where newsjunkie is coming from. It is hard to plan for anything in advance because most days I am sure she just feels terrible. These woman are amazing the way they can deal with the pain that I know I can't even imagine having. It is easy for someone who has not been there to say 'don't let the illness take over your life'. Unfortunately it is their life every minute of the day and on top of that many will not be able to have children which is again the illness taking over their life. I am sure in the long run it will make her a much stronger person but for now it just really sucks.

Re: I kind of hate my e-ring... now what? Kind of just a vent...
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Bridesmom>I too am going through my own female problems and had a terrible cancer scare, but I don't really enjoy discussing it.  I'm not trying to downsize newsjunkie, because she's ill.  I know it's difficult to go on with the pain, but you don't allow it to consume your life.  That's all I was saying.  Sorry if it offended anyone. 

I'm sure there are more ladies on this board that are suffering from illnesses that we can't even imagine, but they too are moving on step by step.



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