Drama at the bridal salon

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Drama at the bridal salon
Posted: Mar 16, 2005 1:05 AM

Hi ladies, I have a funny story for you that I just need to relate. Talk about drama! I'm not upset or angry or anything. I'm more shocked than anything.

So, I found my dream dress at this upscale wedding boutique in my city. I had one lady in particular helping me with a number of things. I had ordered my shoes a couple of months ago from a lady named Rita. I bought a fairy porcelain doll from a lady named Denise.

Anyways, Denise was helping me with my dream dress and I told her I wanted a second opinion (she had pretty much told me everything I tried on was nice and I hadn't liked any of it). So she held the dress for me and I went back the next day with my mom.

Denise wasn't there, but Rita was. I remembered how helpful she had been with my shoes, so I asked her for her help. She gave me excellent service. At the end of it, when I had decided that it was "THE DRESS" I asked her if she could do better on the price. She knocked $100 off the cost of the dress. Before I had her ring up the dress on layaway, I asked her if the ladies in the salon work on commission. She said no. I said oh ok, cause if they did, the sale would have been Denise's.

We put the sale under my mom's name because she paid the deposit with a cheque. Well. Apparently, the next day Denise came in an EXPLODED. She hunted everywhere for the dress. She left a phone message on my answering machine asking me if everything was ok. I thought that was very strange.

So I went into the bridal salon today after school when Rita was in to put a payment on the dress. Apparently, Denise had called her a scumbag and all these awful names and caused this huge fight in the middle of the store. She wanted to call me and ask me about the dress. Denise was telling Rita that she and I were best friends!! I'd never met her before the bridal salon, and we never talked outside of it.

So when I showed up today, Rita took me down to get my dress and to "talk" to the owner. I told the owner I had been very pleased with the service I received from both ladies and that I didn't understand why such a commotion was made over who rang up my dress when they didn't work on commission. The owner agreed (and had apparently shut this Denise character up) with me and was very sweet.

I told her it had been pure luck that Rita had been there when we came with the cheque. I didn't tell her this part, but with Denise, I felt like she was always just trying to sell me stuff. With Rita, I felt like she was giving me good service.

I had another great experience today with Rita where she spent lots of time with me while I tried on jewellery and such. I left feeling good and happy. But very shocked. I don't get why this woman went hysterical and would feel the need to drag a customer into her drama!

I work in a store on commission and I would never call a customer and ask her who had served her better! And these ladies aren't even on commission. Wow. What a soap opera!


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