OMG--gifts for men. Impossible.

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Re: OMG--gifts for men. Impossible.
Posted: May 11, 2006 4:29 PM Go to message in response to: Guest

That site is the kind of thing I'm always looking for--Your fiance sounds like my husband.  Wired is the cool magazine I leave out for people to see--we get WIDESCREEN REVIEW for God's sake.  What he wants more than anything, and I cannot find, is one of the 300 limited edition Podbrix Legos of Steve Jobs from Apple.  You see what I'm dealing with here?

And, yeah, he loves to pick stuff out himself--and anything he really wants, let's be realistic, is gonna be a lot of money.  Aaaaaaaaaaaack.  So, I got him the robe I posted above--at least he'll be comfy and in a non-seizure inducing color while he reads that crap (and does killer Sudokus).  (I'm not just bein' mean--I'm a nerd too--but he's got me beat, cold).


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