Need to lose 50+ before August!

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Need to lose 50+ before August!
Posted: Feb 23, 2005 9:43 PM

I need to lose so much weight! I can't seem to get myself motivated though. I am tired ALL the time, and I have absolutely no energy! My FH says I'm beautiful the way I am, but I AM NOT happy!! I hate the way I look/feel, etc. I hate to even go anywhere. I have NO self-confidence. I have tried treadmill while watching a movie or reading a magazine. But it only lasts a couple of days because I get bored with it and don't see any results. I know it's ridiculous b/c you can't expect to see results in a few days! I am getting quite depressed just thinking about my big day - less than 6 months away and I am at least 80 lbs overweight! I know I could never stick to Atkins or SBD. Is there anything else as far as pills? Once I see results, I know it will motivate me to lose more and I would have more energy to exercise. My biggest problem is just losing the first few pounds... PLEASE HELP! Oh yeah, I am a cake decorator so I am around cake, brownies, cookies, donuts, etc. all the time! Animals are not an option either, I can't have them where I live.


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