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I am a crazy girl once you get to know me and i am also quite hyper. Sometimes my friends get weirded out by how crazy I am around them lol I am almost 19 and i want to get engaged at an early age so i can start planning my wedding out early and not turn into a "Bridezilla" because of all the stress and anxiety that will be going around. I met my boyfriend (no we're not engaged yet, still waiting haha) when i was just starting my freshmen year in high school. I met him over the internet and it was an art site, too, not one of those dating sites. too young for those at the time! lol we started off as friends and then we became "special friends" as we called it and then after a year of knowing him, we finally told each other how we actually felt about the other and we have been dating ever since. I've known him for 4 years now and we have been dating for 3 years. My mom, sisters, brother, some cousins, and aunt know about him, but, sadly, not my whole family knows, and most importantly, my dad doesn't know. When we went to Cali this summer i finally met him and i was SO happy to finally get to be with him and now he is going to come down to AZ in Dec and hopefully we can tell my dad together that he and i are together (he actually wants to ask my dad for my hand in marriage when he comes down here and when he told me that i almost started crying haha). I just hope my dad accepts him because we are from different backgrounds. My family originated from Iraq and their marriage rules are that you have to marry the same race as you (chaldeans in my case) and it has to be a cousin or a close family member which i personally do not find to be normal even though it kinda should be to me. I really hope that this works out, because if not, i will really be heart broken. Please wish me luck! <3 lol
I plan on getting married at the age of 22 so i can start my life and have a family before i get to old. The thing i'm scared about is getting married at an older age and having children at an older age and i wont get to be as active and fun as i am right now when my children get older. I want to be a "fun mom" and do everything with my kids and not have to worry about getting tired or not (i sound so annoying right now, don't i? >.o) Anyways, enough of my complaining eheh about my wedding, I want my big day to be all of my family and my boyfriend's family and I want to have a big wedding so i can remember it for the rest of my life. I dont want it to be over-the-top but just special enough so that it will be in my memories for a really long time. I plan on getting married on June 18 because that is when i met and started talking to my boyfriend. I always picture us in a big hall with lights all over the ceiling to look like starts and the place is filled with fresh baby blue roses and an amazing wedding cake and everything else a bride would imagine.



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