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I have an emerald cut blue sapphire. It was actually my second choice. I told him I wanted an emerald cut emerald but if he couldn't find one he liked (a good sized emerald with good enough color for the emerald cut is expensive) I'd be happy with a sapphire. My old boss actually talked him into the sapphire cause it's harder than an emerald and less likely to chip. He actually bought my ring at the store I work at from my old boss (he got promoted) November of 2009 and didn't propose til our 1 year anniversary in March 19th (I'd started working there March 5th). My boss and coworkers had the hardest time keeping that from me. My Fiance redid our first date on the anniversary (minus the fact we went to see Jeff Dunham live (can't really repeat that a year later)). He asked me out in front of the civic center. Apparently he was really nervous he had to go to the bathroom to calm down before we went from the restaurant to the civic center so he wouldn't throw up.
Colors are red white and blue (reds my 2nd favorite color...FI wouldn't let me do purple, and blues his. We did white so we'd have a neutral for tablecloths and filler flowers and such). My engagement ring is a 1 carat emerald cut blue sapphire (currently lab created when we get the money we're going to upgrade it to a natural stone) set in a 14k yellowgold cathedral mount. My dress is: and my bridesmaids dresses are: My mom likes the one with the boat neckline and hates the rest but I told her it doesn't matter what she likes cause it's the girls that have to wear them and like them. I tried to pick styles they could wear again. The last one will probably be my little sisters cause it looks like it would look good on a 13 year old. I haven't decided what color yet I was thinking either black, truffle, or pewter then having them wear a sash in my wedding colors. That way A: they could wear the dress again, and B: they'd match the groomsmen a little closer. The groomsmen get to pick their own suit as long as its a shade of charcoal grey. They need a white french cuff shirt I picked out certain ties. We're not doing a real formal wedding and FI is wearing the suit he currently owns so it seemed pointless too have the guys rent black tuxes and the girls in floorlength formal gowns...they'd roast. I'm getting married August 13th. Budget wise we're doing awesome. We only have to worry about the gifts for the parents, grandparents, and wedding party; as well as the rest of the decorations and my FI's clothes (he only has to get a shirt and tie cause he wants to wear the suit he already owns...which he looks really really really good in). My parent's are handling the food for the rehearsal dinner and reception, and my grandma has offered her house and yard for the ceremony and reception. I might be offering to help the bridesmaids with their dresses and I'm going to pay for manicures and pedicure. I don't care what they do with their hair or makeup as long as they're comfortable.



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