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I hope to get lots of hints and tips on how to make our day big and special. I consider myself a food junkie. I have a cookbook collection of over 100 cookbooks. Hoping to add a few more to it. I am also looking for help on what kind of items you put on a wedding registry. We finally started dating when I was 17. He dumped me... then kinda disappeared for awhile.

About a year ago he sent me an e-mail apologizing for walking away from me without telling me why. He wanted to see if he could come back into my life. I took a chance andn gave him a second chance. In April, he proposed to me asking me to spend the rest of my life with him, have more babies and make other men jealous!!! All through an e-mail!! Just imagine how I fell outta my chair and just about died!

The one downfall to our relationship is that we are 1000 miles apart right now. I am in Minnesota and he is in Texas. But, we did something right because we are getting married!

Charles and I will be getting married JoP style (Justice of Peace). Then I will return to MN to finish school and graduate from college. In May, after my graduation, we will have a Ring/Unity Sand Ceremony and reception in Minnesota before we leave to start our new lives together in Dallas, Texas.



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