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    Im 21 years old, and i met Jonathan through the Army. We are both stationed in Germany, where he also proposed. Im srtaight out of California and he is from Tennessee. A change of culture is going to be an amazing adventure for me! As well as the adventure in taking in his- our, now, 3 year old son Michael. We love eachother very much and cant wait to start our life together. He makes me smile whether im upset with him or i have tears in my eyes. We notice the small, silly things about eachother and understand eachother.

   I dont want a huge wedding. I want one outside, on his families beautiful open land. I want the reception to be at one of the houses, outside as well, no vendors just family made meals.
   I was thinking maybe yellow and light blue or light brown, just to throw the yellow off a little bit. Either way i want sunflowers, then anywhere from white and yellow lilies, tulips, buttercups, roses.... I pretty much want everything hand made including the Arch we will bet married under. Im thinking whicker with the flowers everywhere!
   I want to have a lace gown, hopefully made by my aunt. I want our whole wedding very.. whats the word... warm, mellow, old fassion....?



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