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Anton and I met thru an online game (EVE Online) that we both play.    We met in July and became friends.  In November we both attended EVE Online's Fanfest (Game convention) in Iceland and met each other face to face.  Long story short, we fell in love in just 5 days of knowing each other.  We consider Novemeber 9th, 2008 to be the start of us as a couple. The only issue is distance since I live in California and he's in the Netherlands.

Since November 2008, we've met another 3 times and spent a total of 4 months worth of time actually in the same room or house.  On September 9. 2009 he asked me to marry him and I so very gladly said yes.  :)  Through all of this distance and traveling, he and I have never had a fight and both of us are just simply happy to be whereever the other one is.  We feel that as long as we have each other, we can make it through anything!

We have made a final decision for him to move to the US to live here with me.  We are working our way through immigration to get him a fiancee visa, then a change of status or temporary green card. and then eventually (2 years down the road) a permanent green card. Because of all of this, we can't be certain of our final "official" wedding date until he's got his fiancee visa in hand. 

We are planning to have a small wedding in which my pastor would marry us.  We both wanted to share the ceremony with just our immediate family and a few friends who have been with us and rooting us on through our journey.  We would like to have an outdoor scenic ceremony on a friday and the reception on a Saturday that includes much more of our friends and extended family.  The only thing set is my dress which I've already purchased.  :D



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