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I met my fiance during the first week of our freshman year at Bible College, and we became best friends immediately. Around November, something changed between us, and our feelings started growing very strongly, very quickly. We waited for a couple of months so we wouldn't be rushing into dating, and made sure our feelings were real before we took the next step in becoming a couple, and in January he asked my father for permission to date me. (Maybe old fashioned, but it sure got him in good with my family!) Our relationship grew quickly and our feelings deepened sooo much, sooo fast, due to the way our friendship started out. We knew immediately that we were the ones for each other, and that we wanted to get married. April 25th, the day after we arrived at his house to meet his family, he took me for a walk behind his house and proposed in the sweetest, most "us" way ever... modeling it after Jim and Pam from "The Office"! 
We will be getting married in August, 2010, a few weeks after I finish cosmetology school, in his home church. We are planning a simple wedding, with about 100 guests. We want to have catered gourmet pizzas, pastas and salads for our wedding reception! We each have three people standing up with us, and are very excited to celebrate the beginning of our new lives together! Yes, we are young, but we see that as much more of a positive than a negative. 



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