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My name is nikki, I started a job working at a local gas station, and one of my customers, so happened to be my now fiance. He would come up when I was working about 4-5 times a night. After I worked there for a year, my best friends now husband gave him my number and we just gradually started talking. We eventually hung out a few times, and I never left. Soon I started staying at his house, and then again I never left. Him and I would always talk about getting married and would walk into jewelry stores when we were at the mall, and one night I came home from work and when I went to bed, he sat up until about midnight before he woke me back up because he wouldn't fall asleep until he gave me the ring. Even though he knew I wasnt going to say no, he was so nervous... he kept kissing me over and over again to stall time. Eventually about a half an hour later he came out and asked me. He was shaking for probably about an hour. :)

So far, I havent got much planned, I have chosen my gown and where I want to have it. It is going to be held at Golden Ponds. My fiance and all of his guys all ride bikes, so I decided with the help of one of his best friends to have all the groomsmen ride up on their croutchrockets and have my fiance on a custom harley to stand out. All the boys will have matching Ray Ban sunglasses on underneath their helmets and park right in the front of the bulilding. As for the ceremony, i have a 6pm- midnight slot, so the ceremony will take place in the beginning of the summer sunset outside in a garden with my fiance and i standing in a gazeebo filled with icicle lights all around and rope lights down the aisle. Thats about as far as i have gotten so far.



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