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My name is Lofn, I'm 24, pagan, very liberal, I have a very extrovert personality, and I am engaged to an amazing man, 28, atheist, conservative, named Scott.

He proposed to me on vacation in Lubbock for his sister's wedding. We were both very tired, and as he was falling asleep after his proposal, he mumbled "I forgot the ring."

While my personality is very loud, I enjoy quiet and down-to-Earth. Scott keeps me very well rounded, and gives me a place to relax and find peace. His proposal couldn't have been more perfect. I've never been so happy.


We don't plan on marrying for another year or so, so I have lots of time to plan, and THANK THE GODS! I have a year to figure out what bizarre dress I'll wear (I like blue and purple dresses currently), and how I'll make the hammer rite (a wedding practice in my religion) subtle enough to not offend my family and his family, and to not overshadow him (being an atheist, he doesn't have religion specific rituals), and where to have it (we're contemplating Abilene TX, Lubbock TX or Albuquerque NM, which is where we are currently).


Gimme a break! I was raised a tomboy.




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