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Ok. So my community name is a little weird but it's the nickname my dad and uncle gave him when we started dating. It's kind of stuck regardless of my attempts to make them stop. My FH doesn't seem to mind and it was bound to happen being Italian and marrying into  family of stubborn Germans. My FH and I actually became aware of each other on an online dating service (eek!) but when I was showing a friend his profile she suddenly exclaimed that she knew him because he worked with another friend of hers. So she called him up, passed on my phone number, and he called me that night. Valentine's Day. A little less than a week and a few dates later, he asked me to be his girlfriend and we've been inseparable ever since. He's my best friend and confidant. I can act like my totally crazy self and be as goofy as ever in front of him without feeling weird. Love him to death and ready to spend the rest of my life with him.
So far we have only really started talking about actual details. We are going to do a royal blue, aqua blue color scheme. He wants a morning/early afternoon wedding with a big, long reception. Being Italian with a family that never stops eating or wanting to feed other people I figure the reception part is a given. However, I want a mid/late afternoon wedding with as many candles as possible without burning down the church. We are still dscussing the time for the wedding but I think he's going to go my way with the wedding since I agreed to his big reception.



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