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On Dec 5th my fiance' called & asked if I would go for a walk with him & our 2 dogs. I wasn't in the mood for a walk with the dogs but when he got home & asked again I had a feeling something was up so I relented. We went to the Sundial bridge & as we started walking under the bridge I saw a vacant bench. I still thought we were going for a walk so I kept going. He stopped me & had me join him on the bench which was freezing. I kept complaining of how cold I was when he finally said "I have something that will warm you up." He reached into his pocket & pulled out a small box & gave it to me. All I could do was laugh as I opened the box & saw my ring & put it on. He tricked me and I loved it but not as much as I love him.

Our wedding date is October 4th, 2008 and will be held at my fiance's parents home in Durham, CA. Both the wedding and reception will be held out doors under tents. The colors for our wedding are purple, silver, and white. My sister will be my Maid of Honor and 2 of my friends will be my bridesmaids. My brother's 2 youngest daughters are my flower girls and a friend of mine's son will be my ring bearer. For the reception we will be having a BBQ which will be catered. Most of the details for our wedding have not been finalized yet but I look forward to the day that I can call my fiance' my husband.



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