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DH and I have known each other almost 11 years. In 8th grade he approached me after Sunday School & gave me a cute love poem he wrote. Over the years we've had our ups & downs, witnessing each others bad relationships & break ups, but were always there for each other.

In June 06, I went to a relatives wedding & it got me thinking about our us. I thought about all those teen movies (esp. Pretty in Pink), the girl always has the best friend who's crazy about her but she's too blinded by the jock to notice. I thought about our friendship & realized that i didn't want to be that kind of girl to him anymore - he's a great guy and deserves better than that.

I ended up telling him how I was feeling & he admitted he truly fell for me back in high school & never stopped, but decided that if he couldn't have me as girl, he'd rather be my friend than nothing.

We've been together ever since.

We're got married on Saturday, September 13, 2008, after a 9 month engagement, in Rockford, Illinois.

Our colors were deep red and black with silver accents.

Our floral was mainly roses and the theme of things are double, entwined hearts.

Our groomsmen wore black shadow-stripped Zoot Suit type suits with fedoras!



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