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Well i am a full time student, and i work part time as a Assistant Manager at Dillards, making pretty good money!! My FH and i have been togeather for 3 years, and he has been in the Coast Guard  for about 2 years now, we have spent most of that time appart, one year in VA on a cutter then he went to CA for school to be a coreman he love his job now, and i enjoy because hes no longer the first one on drug boats! Although he didnt come back home like we hoped he would, he stayed in CA after school and returned back onto a cutter until he makes 2nd class (E5) Were hoping by the end of the year, he will get restationed within a 9hr drive time!
We are tentiavly planning for the wedding to take place the following christmas 2008, but with Barry not sure what hes doing and maybe sent on a 6 month assignment it maybe pushed back but im being optimistic and hoping for the best! Were having the wedding at MacDill AFB it ceremony will take place onbase at the church and the reception will follow at the officers club which is really nice because not only is it really pretty  its right in between both of our families as well which makes things much easier on them.



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