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Dan and I first dated 26 years ago. My brother had set us up. He was much more mature then I at the time, and a lot closer to wanting to settle down. I moved back home a little over a year ago and my brother reintroduced us. Both older and more on the same page. I didn't ever want to get married again. II had done so twice before with disastrous results. I loved living alone. Unfortunately Dan is so kind, funny, helpful, and cute...I was sunk. I have 2 grown kids and 4 granddaughters. He has 2 grown kids, a teenager, and a toddler. We are currently in process of becoming foster parents so we can take care of my 3 month old great niece. It looks like I will be raising kids forever :)
Wedding plans went crazy. Everyone wanted to be the planner. This wasn't a first wedding for either of us and we wanted small and simple. Simple wasn't going to happen, and there were several people making it maddening. We had our honeymoon Alaskan cruise coming up and were no closer to being married. Dan is on the board at our church, and has been lifelong friends with many folks there. Going on the cruise without being married caused lots of worried phone calls. It was more funny then stressful at that point. First day in Alaska was Sunday, on Monday we were in Glacier Bay. Tuesday we got to Sitka and we went straight to the courthouse to see what the marriage requirements were. After being told there was a 3 day wait I said " darn, we only have 2 more days in Alaska." and then was told " well, we can waive that." Four hours later we were married by the magistrate, with 2 office gals as witness's. Our wedding night we had terrible sea sickness. The rest of the cruise was a fantastic honeymoon. We call that week our wedding adventure. It was my perfect wedding :)



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