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It's long time from now --- April 25th, 2009. We wished it was the 24th, our anniversary. But the 25th falls on Saturday and it seems to fit better. We are still not 100%  positive on the date, we're very flexible.


Alex and I met at WKU on March 15th, 2005 in the cafetaria at the sandwich line. I was with my friend who happens to live in the same resident hall as Alex. Alex walked up to our table and talk to his "friend" -- then suddently turns around and start talking to me. I ended up gave him my phone number. He called me two night later and I went over to his room to watch South Park. Later that night when he walked me back, half way to my resident hall I mentioned that I didn't know how to drive and I want to learn. He offer to take me in his car...and I ran into the mailbox, literally. He didn't say a word, didn't care that I broke his head light. All he asked was "are you ok?", then told me to back off the mailbox and drive off. We havn't left each other sight since that night. And at 6pm on April 24th --- he asked me out on the top of the mountain. It was the most beautiful day I could ever remember.


On October 8th, 2005, Alex and I was walking back to my room at WKU. We have this little joke that I ask him how much he loves me, and he'll put his index finger and his thumb together, saying he loves me this much---from one finger all the way around the universe to the otherside. So I asked that same joke, and he smile. He wouldn't answer. So I asked, and asked, and asked and asked! We finally got in my room and as soon as I turned around--there he was on his knee !!! He said "you want to know how much I love you?" I started to cry and knot my head. He reply:

>>>I love you more than myself. I love you more than anything you could possibly imagine. I know we only know each other for short period of time, but it only took me a matter of seconds to know that you were the one that I was distance to spend the rest of my life with. Marry me.


All I could do was cry and cry. I couldn't even say yes! But of course after 5 minutes of me crying I managed to knot my head and the word YES just fly out of my mouth. We kisses and the rest of the night was just a blur.


Our wedding colors are blue and green. We want lots of country music, lots of dancing and all in all we just want everyone to have fun. I don't want a wedding the is so formal that makes me feel like I was forced into this marriage. I was it to represent us: fun and unique. Alex want us to get marry at the top of the mountain where he asked me out: it truly is a very unique place and if there's a road that lead up there --- I would definately say yes! but since the only way you can get there is by 4-wheeler, unfortunately the search for our wedding site still continue nowsaday ...



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