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MissApril Posts: 276 Registered: 1/21/09
Appropriate boundaries question
Posted: Oct 14, 2010 10:53 AM
A little background... FH and I live in a property that his parents own. And believe me, I am so incredibly grateful for it. Without them we'd almost surely be on the street. They don't expect much rent and will fix any problems out of their own pocket (like flea treatments and a new hot water heater).

But I'm not exactly comfortable with them just showing up unannounced. FH has a DUI he's dealing with, which means I work odd hours to be able to get him to work and back. Normally I would work 7-3. But with him working afternoon shifts, I need to get off early to take him to work. Then I go back to the work and finish out my 8 hours. Then I travel all the way back out to pick him up and go home. Any overtime is done at night. Yesterday FMIL showed up at the house without calling and called me to complain about how she found nachos on my bed. Uh... I know landlords can view property on occasion to make sure tenants aren't trashing it... But does it matter to her if I eat nachos in bed?

I dunno. That just weirded me out. And with all I do and put up with, that just pissed me off. So... How the heck do I tell her I'd like her to at the very least call first? Considering that she saved our asses, can we even set that boundary? Or am I just tired and overreacting?

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