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ElleNChuck Posts: 50 Registered: 6/10/10
Tricky situation at work. Advice needed.
Posted: Jun 24, 2010 10:54 AM
I'm hoping you guys can give me some advice about a tricky situation I just found myself in at work.

I'm the office manager (silly, since there are only 3 of us) but technically, I'm the "boss." The General Manager came to me this morning regarding one of the people I supervise, we'll call her "Alice".

Alice is about 6.5 months pregnant and lately her clothing choices have been getting more and more casual. Too casual for even our laid-back office. My typical "uniform" is khaki shorts, a polo shirt and flip-flops. I keep top-siders in my office if I have to go downstairs where customers might see me. Lately Alice has been starting to wear what I can only describe as capri sweatpants with t-shirts that are getting a little too snug and the v-necks that were fine 6 months ago are getting a little too "boobalicious". I know she wants to be comfortable and it's been miserably hot but she has to cover the phones downstairs in the showroom every other day (car dealership) to give the receptionist a lunch break.

So how can I break it to her gently that sweatpants and too-tight t-shirts won't fly anymore? Alice is on the younger side (23) and this is her first "real" job out of college, not to mention her first baby. We don't have any sort of written dress code that I can use to back me up. The sweatpants are totally fine on the days she doesn't have to answer the phones, but the clevage is getting distracting! I don't want to upset her, but I can't just say "Hey Alice, cover the girls up!" Or can I?

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